ce, then remained motionless.

He gritted his teeth, took a few steps back before turning and jumping again, “Ha!” He roared, a heavy roundhouse kick carrying the force of thunder slammed into the door.

A subtle “…… crunch” sounded as the wood panel wrapped around the outside of the brass was shattered by the force, revealing the deformed metal pieces inside.
Not caring about the temperature of the door panel, Fang Daichuan broke the wooden panel apart hard in a few strokes, the plasterboard and wall stud for soundproofing were revealed beneath the deformed metal.

Fang Daichuan gritted his teeth and exhaled, took a few steps back and hit it with his shoulder!

The curled steel plate grazed his shoulder, half of his shoulder started bleeding.

That won’t work! Seeing this situation, Li Sinian’s heart sank.
He casually threw* the whimpering Niu Xinyan aside, Niu Xinyan covered her face and broke down in tears, hitting the back of her head against the wall in a not-so-gentle manner.
Li Sinian pulled the drapery beside her and slammed it down, pulling down the entire curtain rod that embedded in the wall.

(T/N : I check this sentence [他随手把呜咽着的牛心妍扔到一边; Tā suíshǒu bà wūyèzhe de niú xīn yán rēng dào yībiān] many times and it is ‘casually threw’ or ‘conveniently flung’ and I have to stop translating because I snickering so hard.
Sinian just ‘casually threw’ someone that he was carrying because Chuan’er got hurt.
Love both of them.)

The curtain covered Niu Xinyan’s head.

The curtain rod is made of plastic, but there is a layer of hollow stainless steel pipe in the middle.
Li Sinian pried open one end and leaned the other end on the ground.
When he stepped on it, the plastic skin on the outside peeled off, revealing the strong steel pipe inside.

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“Step aside!”

Fang Daichuan obediently stepped aside, seeing Li Sinian widen the hole that he already made before with a steel pipe, revealing the billowing smoke and the weak cry of the child.

“Nan Nan!” Niu Xinyan suddenly raised her head and rushed over, “Nan Nan how are you?! Nan Nan!”

The little boy coughed and whimpered faintly: “Mom!”

Niu Xinyan’s expression instantly changed.

Li Sinian didn’t have time to figure out her expression.
He poked the steel pipe into the hole, using it as a lever and pried it hard.

The ball bearing hinges on the side of the door suddenly made a creaking sound and the nail broke out of the wooden door panel.

Fang Daichuan and Li Sinian retreated together, counting one, two, and three internally.
The two of them raised their leg at the same time, gave a low shout and kicked the door!

The door collapsed with bang.

No matter how good the soundproof is, it can’t block this kind of sound.
The door to Yang Song’s room suddenly opened, Yang Song stuck his head out and said, “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” She was surprised then stunned when looking at the collapsed door panel, and the billowing smoke that came out of the room.

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Fang Daichuan was the first to rush in, closely followed by Niu Xinyan.

Li Sinian retreated outside to inform the others to evacuate, while Yang Song stood at the doorway, looking in.
As the two crossed paths, brushing shoulders, Li Sinian slightly misplaced his footing and gave Yang Song a glance.

Yang Song’s heart could not help but tighten slightly as his gaze fixed on him.

“Nan Nan! Nan Nan, please, look at me!” Niu Xinyan’s voice came from inside the room.

Yang Song was slightly nervous as she walked in quickly, leaving Li Si Nian’s gaze behind her.

There was already a faint glimmer of light in the distance, although the days of rain had made the daylight dark like a night.
Yet the human fear of darkness always dissipates with the sound of sea birds.

The spell has been undone since daybreak has come.

With this in mind, Yang Song pushed back his inner turmoil and went into Niu Xinyan’s room.

(T/N : I have googled a lot of things but when I check the consistency for this chapter apparently there is a ball bearing hinges and butt hinges so…erm, alright you probably don’t want to know…  (´_`)

Anyway *cough* just trying to lighten the mood, just a head up, the child abuse part is approaching and next chapter is kind of unsettling, in my humble opinion so…)

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