Witch, Open Your Eyes Chapter 63: Fifth day Part Six

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This is not the first time that Du Wei has slept with another woman, but this is the first time he is in such an awkward situation.

When adults go to bed, they pay attention to a relationship.
If it is an affair, they pay attention to the partner.
Is it someone who won’t admit the wrongdoing and instead throws the responsibility? Everyone is playing with tacit understanding.

Now the situation is like this.
Those who are in an affair sit at a long table, queue up to go to bed at night and vote during the day to get the werewolf out.
What is this called? This drama is so dramatic and no scriptwriter dares to write something like this.

Du Wei knew that he was a scum and when he thought how Chen Hui, a girl, would accompany him to this island ready to throw away her life, he felt sorry for her.
But it is not his character to deny it.
He simply turned his head and coaxed: “Hui Hui, I admit I was wrong but you are the only one in my heart, you know that!”

Chen Hui sneered and took a few deep breaths before kicking off the chair and sitting down, only showing the back of her head at him.

“If you don’t believe me, ask those two over there,” Du Wei rushed to Chen Hui in aggrieved manner, knelt down on one knee, pressed his chin on his girlfriend’s fleshy thigh and pointed back at Li Sinian and Fang Daichuan in the corner.
“You ask them, men are like this, wanting to multiply their genes as much as possible and the closer they are to death, the more they want to pass on their chromosomes.
Male are all like that, but I take you as the only one in my heart! If you don’t believe me, ask them!”

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Fang Daichuan was furious at his shameless statement that he hurriedly mocked: “Oh no you don’t, buddy, look at what you’re saying, you’re talking about all men, all male creatures in the natural world.
You can pass on your ancestral chromosomes all you want, that’s your business, I’m fully evolved.
I don’t have such primitive biological instincts.”

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“Neither do I,” Li Sinian raised his eyebrows and smiled, “I don’t really care whether my chromosomes can be passed on, let alone pass on as many as possible.
Aren’t you panicking right now?”

Yang Song bit her cigarette butt and watched them arguing.
Hearing this, she couldn’t help but glance at Li Sinian meaningfully.

“I don’t care who you sleep with,” Niu Xinyan gritted her teeth tightly, making downward tilt, her voice contained a powerful emotion, “I only care about who set the fire!”

Several people stopped talking and even Chen Hui lowered her head, although she still turned her head away, ignoring Du Wei and the other girls, she was not in the mood to fight at this time.

Li Sinian had seen enough.
Seeing that everyone had ceased the fire, he stood up: “There are only seven people here.
Anyway, someone must set the fire.
About that, I want to share my opinion with you.”

Naturally, Fang Daichuan listened attentively and the rest of the people turned their heads to look at Li Sinian in disbelief.

“We all know that each werewolf has four bottles of poison, which is clearly written in the instructions.
At present, only beer belly and Du Chaosheng die from poisoning.
I would like to ask everyone a question, even in the most insane case, where these two people were all killed by the same werewolf, this werewolf will still have at least two bottles of poison left.
If someone really wants to kill Liu Xiquan, why not just use poison?”

As Li Sinian said that, he glanced at everyone and Ding Zihui gave Yang Song a sideway look.

He retracted his gaze and continued: “I guess there are two possibilities.
First, the murderer is a werewolf, but they not using the poison, because they doesn’t really want to kill and had an ulterior motive for setting the fire.
Secondly, the murderer intended to kill, but unfortunately was not a werewolf and had no poison available.”

Fang Daichuan followed Li Sinian’s thoughts and thought hard: “What is the point of using fire other than killing and destroying the traces?”

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“Good question,” Li Sinian snapped his fingers, “I’ve had a good look around the room, the burning area is near the bed, the fire started on the bedside table and I can say that I really can’t think of the murderer target other than the one sleeping in the bed.
So I think that the odds are that this murderer is not a werewolf; that it wanted to kill someone and just struggled with the lack of poison and therefore they used other method.”

In fact, apart from this roundabout speculation, the most important deduction that Li Sinian left unsaid in his heart was that he had almost concluded that the young boy’s identity card was a werewolf, and in this game, with more than four people in villager faction left, there was no need for a werewolf to take out his teammates early on.

“But,” Yang Song frowned slightly, “such a small child; strangled, stabbed to death, suffocated by covering his mouth and nose, there are so many ways, why choose arson with the lowest success rate? You don’t need a keycard to open the door from the inside, as long as you escape the fire ring, you can rush out of the room.
Isn’t this asking for trouble? I don’t think this person really wants to kill.”

Li Sinian was indifferent.

“If the murderer can’t be identified, there is actually a clue,” Du Wei looked up and asked, “How did the murderer enter Niu Xinyan’s room?”

Niu Xinyan winced and raised her head: “The keycard! My keycard!”

“When was the last time you saw the keycard?” Fang Daichuan asked.

Niu Xinyan wiped her tears with her fingers, lowered her head and said, “I went back to my room at night.
After I opened the door, I put the keycard back in my coat pocket.
In the middle of the night, Du Wei and I met in the woods.
So I put the coat on to go out and when I came back, I saw a fire in the window of my room, but the keycard was gone.”

Li Sinian and Fang Daichuan looked at each other, and Li Sinian asked, “Where did you put your coat?”

“It was hanging on the coat rack by the door..” Niu Xinyan choked.

“Did anyone enter your room at night?” Fang Daichuan asked softly.

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Niu Xinyan raised her head abruptly, as if she remembered something, she stared intently at Yang Song’s eyes: “It’s Yang Song! She came to give me a candlestick!”

That is suspicious.
In the middle of the night, going to someone’s room to give a candlestick, Li Sinian thought, if it is Fang Daichuan, then I will believe, but would others be so kind?

After hearing that, Yang Song put out the cigarette butt in the coffee cup without hesitation, exhaled the residual smoke in her mouth and said coldly: “I knew you would doubt me and when I saw the fire, I knew I would get blamed.
Let me tell the truth.
I went to your room to steal something but not to steal your key card.
What kind of adult would I be if I killed a child?”

Fang Daichuan frowned, Niu Xinyan’s pupils suddenly constricted.

“What I’m looking for, you should know.” Yang Song smiled mockingly at Niu Xinyan, took out a brass key from her pocket, with a red rope tied to the key.

Niu Xinyan looked at the key and was silent for a long time, finally the tight nerve in her heart suddenly broke.
Her whole body collapsed, she threw herself on the table in front of her and cried bitterly.

Nobody knows what to say.

Li Sinian looked up at the time and sighed.

“I have a suggestion.
I want to discuss with you wolves, let’s make a deal.” He said calmly, ignoring everyone’s reaction.

“I checked someone last night.
I won’t say who it is.
If you are afraid that I will reveal it.
Come and try to kill me tonight.
Let’s see who will survive.

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I counted the votes and it is estimated that the villager faction won’t be able to vote for the wolf.
Now everyone is in a messy relationship.
Whoever I say I check, everyone will not necessarily listen to me.
I don’t want to talk too much, we collectively abstained during the day, the machine was there and we just stayed here to the end–this time no one can play any other tricks.

I still mean what I said yesterday, no matter what, we push a peaceful day out, which you wolves should be able to accept.

This method, let alone the werewolf, villager faction should be able to accept it.

Nobody wants to die, even if one is not a wolf, who knows if there are enemies who want to kill them? Up to this day, one by one have died, no one is a professional killer, and inevitably they will be anxious.
No matter how confident someone is in the beginning, it is inevitable that they want to live another day.

Everyone accepted it unanimously.

Everyone sat still.
Monitor each other until the end of voting time.

Only Fang Daichuan hesitated for a long time, looking like he wanted to say something.

Li Sinian felt a little strange, so he asked in a low voice, “What’s matter, you don’t need to kill people, why are you upset?”

Fang Daichuan lowered his head and secretly glanced at everyone present before whispering in Li Sinian’s ear: “But even if I don’t kill someone, they might kill me.
If we don’t vote and in the end, they kill all the villagers, leaving three wolves.
Then the three of them voted us out, aren’t we doomed?”

Li Sinian nodded approvingly at him, highly praising his progress, then sneered with his lips hooked: “Don’t worry, the wolves have a lot of calculation in their hearts.”

Seeing that Fang Daichuan was still worried, he smiled and said, “Trust me, our strategy is to not do anything, just keep a low profile.
Sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight* and live to the end.”

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