Chapter 71: Fifth Night Part Six

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(T/W : Suicide)

Du Wei raised his head and took a sip of wine, sat on the ground with Niu Xinyan.
Niu Xinyan has lost a lot of weight these days.
Her whole body and eyes are empty.
Two thin long legs are sticking up from the bottom of the skirt and her kneecaps are protruding like a lost ghost.

She turned to look at the bed.

The child lay peacefully on the blackened bed, his limbs stiff.
Fang Daichuan followed her gaze and looked away.

“How did this happen?” Fang Daichuan asked Yang Song in a low voice.

Yang Song sighed: “I went out to drink water and saw her coming out of your room with the child in her arms and walking towards the end of the corridor.
I called after her and she ignored me.
I felt something was wrong, so I quickly caught up.
When I came in she was already on the window.”

She spoke quickly and omitted a lot of details.
In fact, when she went out, she saw Niu Xinyan carrying the corpse with difficulty, the child’s head tilted and his charred legs dragging on the floor.
She didn’t want to recall that scene ever again.
She quickly ran to Niu Xinyan’s room, just as she saw Niu Xinyan crawling out the window, at that moment, there was only one sentence in her mind: “Save her, otherwise two grievous souls will come back in the dream and take your life!”

She was so frightened that she jumped up and screamed while pulling her back.

Fang Daichuan pulled the tablecloth and used it to cover the corpse, feeling a pity in his heart.

“Ding Zihui, that bitch, is a wolf.” Niu Xinyan raised her head.
Her hair was dishevelled and her eyes were fixed on Fang Daichuan.
“Did she show you a villager card? That’s my character card.”

Fang Daichuan stood still.

“Li Sinian didn’t lie to you.
Brother Nan is a wolf.
When you go back to your room, there are a few things I left for everyone.
Among them, there is a letter for you.” Niu Xinyan finally said something after a long time, rolled her eyes, she reached out and handed the keycard to Fang Daichuan, saying, “Fang Daichuan, I believe in your character, you remember to give it to everyone.”

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Fang Daichuan smiled bitterly and nodded, she said that she trusted my character, but she said it in front of Yang Song and Du Wei, she said that she left something, how can I not give it to everyone? I’m afraid that these two people will watch me from now on, and they won’t give me a chance to go in the room alone tonight.

The eyes of the three met in mid-air, each with their own mind and motive.

Niu Xinyan stood up while they were distracted, she hugged the corpse on the bed with difficulty, rolled over to the window behind her and fell down.

Fang Daichuan was the first to react, his eyes widened, he jumped up, his right hand reached for her but he only managed to tear off the corner of the young mother’s pure white skirt.

“No!” Fang Daichuan roared, watching Niu Xinyan fall under his hands.

Yang Song held her head and screamed.

Du Wei turned his head and ran out, strode off the stairs.

Fang Daichuan’s upper body was lying outside the window sill, the sea breeze blew in the night rain, splashed half of his body, making it soaking wet.
He stared at the piece of the skirt in his hand.
Outside the window, Niu Xinyan had fallen into the reef, her skirt was tattered and she looked particularly conspicuous in the dark night.

Du Wei ran downstairs, at the corner of the stairs, a figure stood still.

Du Wei abruptly stopped, he couldn’t see clearly in the dark, hesitantly called out, “Hui Hui?”

Chen Hui tilted her head and smiled: “Where are you going?”

“I…” Du Wei said, “Someone jumped off the building, I want to… check.”

“You want to see who jumped off the building?” Chen Hui took two steps closer, “It’s not like you jumped off the building, what are you anxious about?”

“Pei pei pei!” Du Wei said anxiously, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

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Chen Hui, however, saw his impatience as the irritation of having his heart revealed.

“In your heart, I am the same as Niu Xinyan and Ding Zihui, right?” Chen Hui smiled and raised her wrist to wipe the wet marks at the corners of her eyes, “Anyway, you don’t care who you go to bed with, as long as they got a hole and a pair of tits.”

Du Wei took a deep breath and hugged her: “Look at what you said, this is important, don’t be petty at this time, okay? I’ll go and see if I can help, now the opposing faction is like this, I’m nervous, there are fewer and fewer people, one less person means one less vote!”

Chen Hui waved her arm away: “We are also the opposing faction.”

Du Wei was silent.

“I’m on your side, Hui Hui.” Du Wei said in a deep voice and hugged Chen Hui in spite of her struggle.
In the dark, the two held each other tightly, but their eyes stared in the opposite directions.

Fang Daichuan gritted his teeth and pushed open the window.
He stepped on the external air conditioner, grabbed the drainage pipe and jumped down a few times.

(T/N : …Jackie? Is that you?)

Yang Song covered his mouth and screamed silently.
As she watched Fang Daichuan hovering in the air, when he was about two metres off the ground, he jumped and landed steadily on a flat reef.
He ran to Niu Xinyan, raised his head and made a safe gesture to Yang Song.

Yang Song was slightly stunned.

After returning to her senses, the silence around her became particularly evident.
The dark room was like an abyss ruin that devoured life and the wind from the underworld lifted the half-burned curtains.

Yang Song felt a cool breeze in her ears, she hugged her arm and shivered.

I am the only one left here.
Thinking like this, she reached out to take something out of her pocket but her fingers trembled so badly that she failed several times.

“I just want to live, don’t blame me, don’t come to me…” Yang Song said silently, forcing herself to calm down, wiped the fingerprints on the keycard using the corner of her clothes, and threw it to the corner behind the door.

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She took a deep breath and looked up to see the oil painting by the door, a golden wheat field with gloomy crows hovering above it.
She shivered, grabbed her clothes and ran down.

When she got to the stairs on the first floor, Du Wei was holding Chen Hui, sitting on the steps talking.

Chen Hui rested her head on her boyfriend’s shoulder as Du Wei smiled and nibbled on her ear, making countless promises.

“When we get back, we’ll get married, okay?” He smiled, his voice was deep and pleasant, “I’m going to buy diamond rings, Lao Wu* is in South Africa and said that loose diamonds* are cheaper there than here, it is 60,000* for 1.01 carats.
We’ll ask him to bring it back and set up a wedding at your house, okay?”

(T/N : Translation is Old Five, this is a nickname and could mean many things, from the 5th child to the 5th rank.
A loose diamond is a diamond that has been cut and polished, but not yet made into a piece of jewellery, like an engagement ring.
When you buy a loose diamond, you’re buying just the diamond on its own.
Also, the author did not write the currency but I am sure this is yuan.)

Yang Song did not hear Chen Hui’s reply, she left the villa without a glance.

Men, huh. Yang Song rolled her eyes, but there was a sour feeling inside her heart that she couldn’t suppress.

At the reef.

Fang Daichuan carefully raised Niu Xinyan’s head, tore her skirt and wrapped it around her head, tightly pressing the wound.

But it was useless, Niu Xinyan was falling into a dangerous position, a sharp wedge-shaped stone piercing into her right brain.
The blood gushing out from the back of her head, instantly dyed Fang Daichuan’s hands red.

“How is it?” Yang Song ran out of the villa and asked out of breath.

Fang Daichuan’s expression is ugly and he shook his head.

Yang Song fell to the ground.

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Not far away, the sea gradually rose, there were still more than three hours before dawn.
The sea slapped on the reef below them, making earth-shattering noises.

Niu Xinyan heard the sound of the waves, raised her eyelids and glanced but she couldn’t see anything.

Never in her life had she been so calm.

She turned her head and “looked” in the direction of Yang Song’s voice.
Fang Daichuan held her head, feeling the blood gushing out under his finger, hurriedly said, “Don’t move!”

Niu Xinyan smiled and shook her head.

“Yang Song, I have something to ask you.” She spoke in a low voice, amid the roar of the waves and the sound of wind and rain.
It was inconspicuous but Yang Song trembled, as if she was afraid of what she was about to say.
Fang Daichuan frowned.

However, Niu Xinyan was blind and she couldn’t see Yang Song’s expression: “Is your father‘s investment advisor surnamed Li?”

Before Yang Song could answer, she said again, “Li Lixing, is that the name?”

Yang Song’s eyes widened.

“I know you have always hated Brother Nan but your father dragged Brother Nan under the train together.
Brother Nan… Brother Nan died together with him.” At the last moment of her life, Niu Xinyan finally admitted this fact.
Perhaps it was because she admitted this fact that she ended her life.

“Li Lixing is also dead, he committed suicide.” Yang Song whispered.

Niu Xinyan smiled strangely: “I know you’ve been looking for someone with the surname Li but you’re looking for the wrong person.”

Yang Song knew that she and Li Sinian had already talked about this issue, but Niu Xinyan’s next sentence made her frozen to the spot.

“Li Lixing is a woman,” she said.

(T/N : Yeah, Yang Song stole the keycard.
Guess she also thought Niu Nahan’s soul is inside Xiquan…Hatred makes you blind.
But I guess Nan Nan tired being his father’s sub which is why Xiquan did not move as they both got burned…Anyway just my 2 cents, leave a comment if you have different ideas.
And well, I guess you now know who Li Lixing is related to.)

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