Chapter 72: Fifth Night Part Seven

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Li Lixing is a woman, so naturally her child’s surname isn’t Li.

A gust of sea breeze blew, Fang Daichuan trembled.

Li Lixing committed suicide.

Ding Zihui sat side by side with him on the reef, overlooking the sea: “My mother committed suicide when I was a child.”

(T/N : On chapter 28)

Everything falls into place.

“I know you want Ding Zihui to die,” Niu Xinyan’s gasp became louder but her voice grew smaller, “Is this good enough reason? Remember to use what I left for you.” She smiled faintly.

“Give me the keycard!” Yang Song looked calm and she stretched out her right hand towards Fang Daichuan.

Fang Daichuan was unmoved: “She is not dead yet, you are too impatient.”

“I said give me the card!” Yang Song roared.

The commotion attracted the young couple inside.

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Du Wei held the wine bottle and hugged his girlfriend in his arms: “What are you talking about?”

Yang Song pointed to Fang Daichuan: “He doesn’t want to give us the keycard!”

Surrounded by three people, Fang Daichuan was helpless and could only let go of Niu Xinyan.
He carefully placed Niu Xinyan’s head on a flat surface and then slowly backed away: “I’ll take you there, you don’t have to do this.”

He is willing to cooperate and no one wants to fight with him.
After all, he has a physical advantage.
At this time, no one is willing to make a strong enemy.

The four people scrutinised each other and slowly retreated inside the villa.

Only Niu Xinyan was left in the reef.

Without Fang Daichuan pressing her wound, she bled faster.

Niu Xinyan reached out to take a hand on the charred hand of the corpse lying next to her.
Yet she could not see where her son’s body was, and after groping futilely in the sea for a while, her head dropped violently.

Li Sinian came out of the wooden house on the back mountain, playing with his card with one hand and pushing the door open with the other.

The rain died down and the road was tough to walk.
The rainy days made the dirt road in the mountains muddy.
Li Sinian frowned, thinking about something as he walked.

There was a sudden sound of something moving fast behind.

Li Sinian hurriedly turned around and kicked out.

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As a result, a syringe fell to the ground, the tube was half transparent and the needle was glowing with cold light.

But there was no one around.

Li Sinian calmed down and listened to his heartbeat.
The rain on the bamboo shoots fell on the ground, the darkness around gave Li Sinian an illusion that he had travelled to the world of martial arts.
He raised his head and glanced at the sky.
The stars performed their duties and rotated on a fixed orbit, no different from last night.

Something watching him, the darkness like a bow, the invisible strings tightening.

The sharp weapon came out of nowhere!

Li Sinian couldn’t see where it came from, so he intuitively chose a position and jumped.
Another syringe was nailed to the tree trunk behind him.

“You only have two left.
I advise you to think about it.
Is it worth it to waste all of it on me?” Li Sinian found a pair of eyes under the cover of the tree trunk and glanced at it.

On the hillside opposite him, there is a tall camphor tree with lush foliage.
There were shadows on the trunk, and it seemed that someone was lying on their stomach, but he was not sure.

There was a rustling sound, someone rolled down the tree and ran deeper to the forest.

Li Sinian wanted to chase, suspecting that it was a trap, he hesitated for a moment before retreating behind the tree.
He pulled out the syringe nailed to the tree, the liquid had all seeped into the trunk.
The syringe was modified.
Because of the air pressure, after the syringe is inserted into the muscle, the liquid will be automatically injected into it.

Li Sinian’s expression became ugly.

He went down the mountain carefully, all the way observing the movements around him.

A voice came running up the hill.

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Li Sinian stopped alertly and asked, “Who?”

“It’s me!” Fang Daichuan’s figure flashed out from behind the tree, it could be seen that he was running all the way, now he was panting with his hands on his knees.

Li Sinian hurriedly stepped forward to support him: “Why did you come up the mountain? What happened at the villa?”

“Have you checked someone?!” Fang Daichuan asked.

“Yes, Ding Zihui, wolf.” Li Sinian help him lean against the tree beside him.

Fang Daichuan nodded, holding a piece of paper in his hand, he shoved it into Li Sinian’s hand, took a few breaths and then pulled Li Sinian to the mountain.
Then turning back and explaining: “Niu Xinyan committed suicide! Ding Zihui is indeed a wolf! Niu Xinyan told me everything in her letter! On the first night, they agreed to cooperate but before Niu Xinyan could leave the room, Ding Zihui was attacked.
They felt that someone had betrayed them so the alliance naturally collapsed.
Ding Zihui’s mother was the investment advisor who deceived Yang Song’s father back then and now Yang Song has got Niu Xinyan’s poison and is going to kill Ding Zihui!”

Li Sinian grabbed Fang Daichuan’s right hand with his backhand and stopped him: “Don’t worry, let’s discuss it first.”

He held Fang Daichuan firmly and read the suicide note left by Niu Xinyan with a single glance.

The purpose of her coming here is simple and clear, avenging her husband by killing Mrs.

About Niu Nahan’s accident, apart from the email from Li Heng, the tragedy also happened because behind the scene, Mrs.
Song set up the desperate businessmen.
Song has coveted the research institute for many years and she was fed up working under Niu Nahan.
When she has such an opportunity, she certainly wouldn’t let it go.
She found the man who lost everything because of Niu Nahan and Du Chaosheng, and with a few gentle provocations, made the poor man lose his mind.

The man asked Niu Nahan to go out for dinner and said that he wanted to talk about the development of the island.
Niu Nahan didn’t know that the real report had been leaked out, so he followed him out.
With the excuse that the car was broken, they took the subway together.
The moment the subway came, he grabbed Niu Nahan and jumped into the tracks together.

Li Heng has been dead for many years but Mrs.
Song is still the director.
Niu Xinyan couldn’t forgive her, her husband was trapped in her son’s body, but the person who framed him was alive and well in the world.

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As soon as Liu Xiquan got the box, she looked at it.
Inside there are four bottles of wolf poison and an unfamiliar keycard for a room on the third floor.

She accompanied Liu Xiquan upstairs that night and saw Zhao Chu, Ding Zihui and the young couple inside the room.

She had already decided to help Liu Xiquan survive.
On the first night, in the woods, she found an item card that could switch factions.

Villager faction just need to bind their fingerprints and the item card to the machine and they can switch to the werewolf faction, but they don’t have the ability to kill*.
If a werewolf wants to change into a villager faction, they need to put their four bottles of wolf poison back into the machine recycling port.

(T/N : Means they don’t get poison even after changing faction.)

In the end, she didn’t use the item card, because it didn’t matter to her whether she switched factions or not.
The person she wanted to survive was already dead, long gone.

“I said everything I know, not out of good intentions.
On the contrary, I hope that everyone that is still alive will chase after each other, kill each other and give wonderful performances to all the dead souls.
You are the next me.
Good luck to you.”

Li Sinian looked at the smiling face she drew after the last curse and his heart was slightly cold.
Only now did he understand where the malice of Liu Xiquan’s second personality came from.

(T/N : Updated image, now, who is the wolf between Chen Hui and Du Wei? Will this be Romeo and Juliet? Stay tuned~~~ There are also character relationships that I can now share with you since everyone’s past have now show up, big thanks to reii for the typesetting.)


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