WOYE Chapter 74

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Witch, Open Your Eyes Chapter 74: Fifth Night Part Nine

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“Bullshit!” Fang Daichuan turned his head and scolded, “Still want to bluff? The boss’s spy is among us? How can Niu Xinyan know that? You think the boss won’t use someone low-key? Do you think I’m stupid?”

Du Wei raised his head and laughed, his face drenched in the rain.
He laughed out of breath as if he had heard some impressive joke.
Fang Daichuan was furious hearing his laugh, his eyes were as sharp as a knife, glaring at him.

After a while, Du Wei’s laughter stopped.
He covered his stomach and said in a low voice, “Do you believe it or not, does it matter?”

Fang Daichuan gritted his teeth.

“It doesn’t matter whether the boss has a spy planted or not.
It doesn’t matter whether Niu Xinyan has any evidence.
It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not.
What matters is whether I, Chen Hui, Yang Song believe it or not.
And as for Ding Zihui, if you have a chance to meet her alive, you might as well ask; does she believe it or not?”

At that moment, Fang Daichuan’s heart sank to the bottom of the sea.

Well played. Li Sinian internally sighed with emotion.
He had to admire Niu Xinyan’s ability to drag himself into such a situation after her death by using a sentence that was indistinguishable from the truth.

Fang Daichuan didn’t have the kind of appreciation he had.
He gritted his teeth and his jawline was so tense.
He wishes he can go back to the reefs and drag Niu Xinyan’s corpse into the sea to feed the fish.
A plausible lie mixed with many truths, making the peaceful day that Li Sinian had built up in a few days now go down the drain.
His painstaking efforts to achieve a perfect ending, now go south.

He wanted to say something else, but Li Sinian grabbed his wrist, dragged him and continued to walk up the mountain.

Fang Daichuan’s footsteps were faltering.

“If I die… you remember to take my pen and notebook, there are some things inside the cover, remember to look at them.”

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As they got farther away from Du Wei, Li Sinian suddenly spoke.

His sudden assumption was so genuine, Fang Daichuan violently trembling.

“Don’t be afraid,” Li Sinian felt his fingertips become cold.
He randomly found a tree, pushed Fang Daichuan onto the trunk, pressed his eyes tightly and coaxed in a low voice, “No matter how, I will definitely let you live, trust me.”

A strange ominous feeling grips Fang Daichuan’s heart.
He jumped up, wrapping his arms around Li Sinian’s neck and resting his forehead on his shoulder: “Live together! We will live together, both of us.”

Li Sinian was startled.
He turned his head slightly, his lips brushed against his temple, a dry and light kiss.

As if he was smiling, he promised in Fang Daichuan’s ear, “Okay.”

“When we get back, would you like to come to my house? My friends are easy to get along with and they’ll be happy that I have a…… friend* like you.” Fang Daichuan’s voice was buried in the side of Li Sinian’s neck, he smelled the aftershave on the other man, the loving freshness of the top notes having dissipated, leaving only the flint and cedar of the bottom notes, surging and dangerously fragrant.

(T/N : Yes Chuan’er hesitated here and ended up using friend [朋友;Péngyǒu] )

The smell will not disappear even in the rain.

Li Sinian replied, “Okay.”

“Let’s go eat oysters and drink Tsingtao beer*.
If you want, I can accompany you to the North Pole Village* to see the aurora.” Fang Daichuan said, sniffling pitifully.


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Li Sinian still replied, “Okay.”

The rain is getting heavier.

The sound of the rain covered up many trails and also made the escaped people have no time to consider the mark left on the ground.
Muddy footprints, crushed grass and broken branches and leaves are all pointing clues in front of the careful mercenary.
Yet, by the time Fang Daichuan and Li Sinian chased the trail to the edge of the back ravine, Ding Zihui and Yang Song had completely disappeared.

Fang Daichuan peered into the crevice: “Did they fall?”

The crevice was so deep that the trees grew up savagely from the ground, cloaking the sky, and the gaping mouth looked like an ugly scar cut into the island, with maggots swarming under it.

Li Sinian circled around the crevice opening, carefully examining the shrubs on the edge.
Small red fruit with no name hangs upside down on the branch of the bush, don’t know if it is edible or not.

“There’s no sign someone fell down,” Li Sinian said.
“I’ll look around.
Be careful, Ding Zihui seems to have a crossbow which can shoot syringes.”

Fang Daichuan glanced around: “There is no place suitable for ambush and it is raining cats and dogs.”

Fang Daichuan remembered that on the first day he came to this island, Ding Zihui was the first to smile at him. What did Ding Zihui think at that time? Is it kindness towards strangers, or, as she said, hinting at something? In just four or five days, the soft girl from the beginning has become like this.
Is this what the boss wants to see?

Fang Daichuan’s heart was filled with anger and some indescribable sadness.

“Found her!” Li Sinian’s sound resounded from a distance.

Fang Daichuan was stunned before running in his direction.
Then he stopped.

Is Ding Zihui dead? That girl?

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He saw Li Sinian standing in the grass, bending over to check if the one lying on the ground was still breathing or not.
The figure of the person lying on the ground was hidden in the grass and could not be seen clearly, but judging from the delicate curves you could tell that it was a girl.

Of course it’s a girl, Fang Daichuan smiled bitterly after his thoughts. There are only three living men on this island and Du Wei is behind them.

“She’s still alive!” Li Sinian called out.

Fang Daichuan let go of the breath that he was holding, his scalp tightened, as if he had finally come into contact with the thin air after drowning for a long time.

“How is she?” He trotted forward.

Not Ding Zihui.

It’s Yang Song.

Fang Daichuan’s stop breathing.
The cold rain fell down his hair and slid from the neckline to his waist, the cold and wet touch made him shiver.

“Why… it’s you?” He was a little dumbfounded.

Yang Song’s face was pale, her face drenched; didn’t know whether it was rain or sweat.
She held a few empty poison bottles in her hand, her other hand covered her shoulders, looking at the sky absentmindedly.

Li Sinian opened the hand that was holding the shoulder and there was an injection spot on the left shoulder.
The wound was not forming a scab, the yellowish tissue fluid dripped down.

A needle fell on the ground.

Li Sinian picked it up and looked at it, it was the same as the one that ambushed him.

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“This… what’s going on?” Fang Daichuan froze in place.
He watched Yang Song going out to chase and kill Ding Zihui while carrying the three bottles of poison left by Niu Xinyan.
He was ready to see Ding Zihui’s corpse on the spot, who would have thought that the one lying here was Yang Song.

Yang Song took two breaths with difficulty, her cheeks wet, something dripping down the side of her face.
Fang Daichuan saw it clearly this time, it was tears.

“Do you have any antidote… help me…” Yang Song desperately pulled the corner of Fang Daichuan’s clothes.
She was already starting to feel pain and have trouble breathing.

Fang Daichuan squatted down and looked at Li Sinian for help.

Li Sinian sighed and looked away.

“Help me… I beg you…” Yang Song cried out, “I don’t want to die.
I really don’t want to die…” The desire to survive drove her, she became extremely strong, pinching tightly at the corner of Fang Daichuan’s shirt.

Fang Daichuan half hug her, he put his fingers on her shoulders weakly: “I have… used it for Li Sinian…”

“Please!” Yang Song interrupted him, shaking her head and refusing to listen to his explanation, as if he was her life boat.

Fang Daichuan hardened his heart, closed his eyes and said in despair, “I’m sorry… I can’t save you.”

Yang Song opened her eyes in despair.
Fang Daichuan could not bear to look at her expression and avoided looking at her.

He did not see that Yang Song’s originally clear eyes gradually became cloudy and cold, she stared deadly at Fang Daichuan, her right hand fumbled on the ground and reached for the syringe that had been stuck into her shoulder.

“Then …… die together …… die together!” She shook her head and cried out, raising her arm high and stabbing violently into Fang Daichuan’s arm that was holding her up!

(T/N : …This is why you don’t turn your back on the enemy, even if they are dying…)

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