Chapter 79: Sixth day Part Two

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“What’s going on?!” Fang Daichuan turned his head and looked out the window.

The sun is shining brightly outside the window, the coastline has retreated more than ten metres.
The dead bodies of animals and plants are left on the beach and reefs.
From inside the villa, the coastline looks like a circle of cemeteries, where all sounds just disappear.
The shrubs and grassy plants behind the villa were also withered and drooping, not greener and fresh as it should be after rain.

There was a stench in the air, very similar to the smell at the beach that day, the smell of rotten eggs, vexing and disgusting.

“Sulphur…” Li Sinian’s expression froze, “The volcano is about to erupt!”

As if responding to him, there was another shaking.

The fog in the distance gradually rose up along with the vibration, like a mist, covering the island, the bright sunshine was blocked and a layer of ash fell outside the window.
Fang Daichuan knew that what he said was true, his face was cold, a trace of panic flashed in his eyes.

“The current number of survivors – four! Please speak in turn and vote!” The machine flickered a few times, making a “beep” sound.

“Fuck off!” Du Wei angrily threw a cup and the ceramic slammed on the casing of the machine with a crisp sound.

The villa was shaking, Fang Daichuan was extremely flustered.
This kind of villa built on a seaside reef had an unreliable foundation.
It was no problem to live temporarily for a while.
But there is no way it can stand against an earthquake or tsunami.

“Don’t worry,” Li Sinian held the dining table and stabilised his body.
“It’s just a slight earthquake.
There is still time before the volcano erupts.
Someone will pick us up tomorrow, don’t be afraid.”

Chen Hui cried out in a low voice: “Tomorrow…is someone really coming?”

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No one is sure, but no one dares to say it.

Only Li Sinian said firmly, “Someone will come.
As long as we survive until tomorrow, we will surely be rescued.”

“OMG…Look outside!” Fang Daichuan turned his head and saw something, pointed out the window and exclaimed in surprise.

Outside the window, a tide more than five metres high raised on the sea surface, the dark shadows of unknown creatures, could be animals or plants rolled in the waves.
Stirring and tangled, along the seawater to the shore, like the tentacles of the deep sea octopus of doom, or some kind of prehistoric monsters.
Soon the tide surged, eroding a long stretch of coast.

“The bottom of the sea began to move drastically,” Li Sinian frowned, “those things must be some kind of giant creatures on the bottom of the sea, which got dragged to the surface because the bottom of the sea moved.”

The crowd was terrified.

“Would surviving players please come forward to vote in order!” the machine shouted sharply, “Would surviving players please come forward to vote in order!”

What to do now? A bead of sweat fell from Fang Daichuan’s forehead and he turned to look at Li Sinian.

Li Sinian took his hand and used his only good right hand.
“Don’t be afraid,” he whispered, his fingers cold and dry, like a jade texture, reassuring.

The shaking slowly stopped, the villa was temporarily stable.
Fang Daichuan clenched Li Sinian’s fingers and stepped down slightly.

Du Wei held Chen Hui in one hand, looked up at their holding hands, said with a half-smile, “How to vote for today’s vote?”

Fang Daichuan was angry: “How? Isn’t it two to two?”

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“That’s not certain,” Du Wei said with a half-smirk, “Isn’t there a traitor? Have you noticed what is carved on the clocks in each room?”

The carving is “The Last Supper”, Fang Daichuan recalled, what did the boss want to imply? There is traitors among us?

“I suddenly thought,” Du Wei narrowed his eyes, “If the boss really planted a spy among us, who would it be? Li Sinian is too obvious, isn’t that too much a gamble? Or, the person who seems to be the most innocent and most trusted among us is the real boss, what do you think, Fang Daichuan?”

Fang Daichuan’s eyes widened.

“The unlucky man who comes in the middle of the game, that has nothing to do with the island.
He has no motive and no reason.
Is it really such a simple coincidence that you went to the island?” Du Wei spoke to Fang Daichuan, but his eyes were fixed on Li Sinian.

Fang Daichuan took a deep breath: “The truth is simple! I fucking don’t know this island at all and I fucking don’t know you!”

Du Wei snorted: “You know me or not, only you know.”

Li Sinian was expressionless.

“It’s not me,” For some reason Fang Daichuan felt a little flustered.
He turned to look at Li Sinian, “I really don’t know the boss and I am not the boss.”

Li Sinian looked back at him with a steady gaze: “I know.”

“Really, I swear!” Fang Daichuan anxiously squeezed Li Sinian’s hand in a hurry, accidentally touched the wound in the mouth, “I…”

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Li Sinian sighed helplessly and gently put a kiss on the corner of his lips.
He repeated: “I know.”

Fang Daichuan instantly calmed down, he touched his bangs and forcibly suppressed some unknown panic that rose in his heart.
When Li Sinian didn’t notice, he couldn’t help licking the corner of his lips.

Du Wei stared at their interaction and sneered with disdain.

“Don’t forget that there is a third party,” Du Wei regretted that he didn’t succeed in provoking, so he changed the topic, “I will tell you this, Chen Hui and I were together when we opened the box, the two of us are not the third party.”

Fang Daichuan gave Du Wei a hostile look and said nothing.

Chen Hui didn’t speak, as if she was frightened by the sudden earthquake, she huddled in Du Wei’s arms, didn’t say a word, nobody knew what she was thinking.

“It doesn’t matter who the third party is,” Li Sinian shook Fang Daichuan’s hand.
“We both have a bottle of poison on us and you have a few wolf poisons on you.
Let’s cut to the chase.
Anyway, we are two men.
We are physically stronger and we are not afraid.”

Du Wei lowered his head and glanced at Chen Hui in his arms: “If you want my opinion, as long as the third party does not come out, we can discuss how to win.”

He took out a card from his pocket: “Niu Xinyan gave me the faction conversion card.
Today we voted for a peaceful day and tonight we will switch factions.
Then there are three people in the villager faction and one third party.
In short, the villager faction will win.”

Fang Daichuan did not believe in the bullshit third party anyway so he had no objection and Li Sinian happily agreed.
Du Wei didn’t expect it.
He suspiciously looked at the two people on the opposite side, wondering, “Among you two really don’t have a third party?”

Li Sinian shrugged, Fang Daichuan rolled his eyes.

Du Wei seemed to be at ease, he lowered his head and kissed Chen Hui’s cheek: “That’s good.”

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The four people took turns to vote.
Li Sinian and Fang Daichuan voted for Du Wei and the two of them voted for Li Sinian.
Du Wei and Li Sinian have tied votes.

Fang Daichuan had been uneasy, for fear that they would do something wrong.
Seeing the result, he breathed a long sigh of relief.
He hadn’t slept all night, was tired and hungry and Li Sinian was still hurt, so he patted the other person’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go back to sleep.” He made up his mind that no matter what happened outside, whether the volcano erupted ahead of schedule or the tsunami destroyed the entire island, as long as the room did not collapse, he would not leave the room at all.

The two turned to leave, but when they just took two steps, the machine behind them made a “beep” sound.

“Du Wei and Li Sinian have tied votes.”

“All players please vote again.”

“Otherwise all players will be eliminated together.”

Fang Daichuan quickly turned around, he can only react by yelling, “Fuck?!!”

Du Wei and Chen Hui were also stunned by this unexpected turn of event and stared blankly at the machine’s screen.
The blue screen glowed with an eerie light.

The sniper rifles in the four corners of the ceiling had already aimed at the crowd. 

(T/N : 

Du Wei : Fang Daichuan, you are the boss aren’t you?

Chuan’er & Sinian : … WTF)

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