ays been straight to the point, ignorant of the impact he has caused, “so no matter what the outcome, we are not afraid.”

Li Sinian didn’t speak.
He raised his hand and squeezed the back of his neck.
His hand was very strong and contained countless emotions.

As soon as he said this, Du Wei’s heart sank.
He raised his eyes and glanced at his girlfriend, Chen Hui’s round face had shrunk since came on the island, her cheeks were thin, making her eyes bigger and rounder.
Her eyes were full of fear and nostalgia but she didn’t dare to look into Du Wei’s eyes with tears in her eyes. She must not want me to see her tears.
So many thoughts passed Du Wei’s mind and he touched his girlfriend’s shoulder, bowed his head and kissed his girlfriend’s forehead: “Don’t be afraid.”

Using language to comfort her seems useless at the moment.

Four people came forward to vote in turn.

Fang Daichuan pressed Du Wei without hesitation and apologised to him in his heart, he voted for him not because he wanted to kill him but because he was unwilling to sacrifice Li Sinian’s life.
He knew that Du Wei and Chen Hui would definitely put their two votes on Li Sinian and the final result would be a tie and everyone would die together.
If he could choose himself, he would vote for himself without hesitation but unfortunately he could only choose between the two and he had no right to do self-sacrifice for Li Sinian.

Li Sinian was the last to vote.
Maybe he knew that as soon as he pressed the button, everyone would die, so he stopped his fingers and looked back at Fang Daichuan with some nostalgia.

The countdown has reached the last three numbers, Fang Daichuan’s heart is strangely calm, perhaps because of the kiss last night or because of Li Sinian’s smiling eyes.

Li Sinian raised his hand and slammed his fist down on the button on the screen, the movement carrying some resignation and frustration, or maybe it was the sigh of relief that came with the choice.
“Di-” As he slammed his fist down, the machine let out a buzz.

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He stood back up beside Fang Daichuan and smiled as he whispered in his ear, “Close your eyes.”

Fang Daichuan obediently closed his eyes, the corners of his mouth raised high, as if for him, meeting death with his eyes closed while kissing his lover was something extremely rewarding.

Li Sinian sighed and closed his eyes as well when he kissed him.

On the other side, Du Wei gave them a mocking look, turned to Chen Hui with a smile and said, “I also want to kiss you for the last time.”

Chen Hui was trembling all over.
She was so nervous that her eyes were dry, swollen and painful, but she couldn’t shed tears.
She was shaking all over and scared to death.

“Don’t be afraid,” Du Wei lowered his head and kissed his girlfriend’s ear tip with a smile in his voice, “I told you I could die for you.
Do you believe it?”

Chen Hui was frozen on the spot.

Twas the night before yesterday that she witnessed the ambiguity between her boyfriend and other girls.
She was sad and bitter.
Thinking of her boyfriend’s infidelity, she couldn’t stop feeling sick.
She bit her boyfriend on his neck, prevented him from kissing and insisted on his promise.

Du Wei laughed softly and picked up Chen Hui directly across the room, banging the door open and walking in, throwing her towards the bed and unbuttoning her buttons one by one: “Chen Hui, I can die for you, do you believe me?”

(T/N : On chapter 55)

Chen Hui shivering harder.

Du Wei smiled, as if he was making fun of his little girlfriend, he pecked and kissed the little red mole on his girlfriend’s ear: “On the table in my room, I keep the wolf poison, the card as well as a letter, it is for you, There are some things I can’t say in front of you, you remember to read that letter.”

He looked a little embarrassed when he said that, he smiled shyly, his face was sunny, like a young man when the two meet for the first time.
Instantly Chen Hui felt like falling into an ice cave.

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“Remember to switch factions.
If there is a third party between Li Sinian and Fang Daichuan, be careful.
Hui Hui, I can only protect you up here, don’t forget me.
After leaving this place, stay widowed for three years and then happily fall in love with others, get married and have a lot of children.
Give me one with the surname Du, preferably a chubby girl.” He smiled and kissed his girlfriend’s earlobe.

“Voting is over.” The machine read out the result in an old-fashioned manner, “A total of 4 votes were cast with 4 valid votes.
Between Li Sinian and Du Wei, the one with the higher three votes is—”

Fang Daichuan suddenly opened his eyes, pushed Li Sinian away, and looked at him dumbfounded.

Li Sinian looked at him and smiled relievedly: “Don’t be afraid.”

“You promised…” Fang Daichuan feels cold, “You promised me…”

“Close your eyes, Chuan’er-ge.” Li Sinian was still smiling.

Fang Daichuan’s eyes were blurred, he shook his head.

“I’m so happy.
I got three votes,” Du Wei smiled in his girlfriend’s ear, “I’m so happy that you trusted me.”

Du Wei took a step back and a tear fell down Chen Hui’s eyes.

“The one with the higher three votes is – Du Wei.”

With the announcement, the sniper gun in the corner of the house instantly fired.

Du Wei’s blood splashed Chen Hui’s skin, it was hot.

(T/N : Next chapter you will find out who is the last wolf.
And now, the pic.)

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