Chapter 83: Sixth Night Part Two

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(T/W : Necrophilia.
Skip from [START HERE] until the end of chapter.)

Fang Daichuan turned around and left.

Li Sinian chased after him and grabbed his arm: “Listen to my explanation…”

“Do you even remember your promise?!” Fang Daichuan suddenly turned around, his voice low, suppressing the surging anger in his heart, he clenched his hands so tightly that his nails were deeply embedded in the palm.

Li Sinian moved his gaze: “No… I voted for Du Wei, she is lying since she is about to die, believe me…”

A fire about to come out from Fang Daichuan’s eyes, he pointed at Chen Hui: “You voted for Du Wei? Then tell me, what was your reaction at that time? You look back at me when you voted and after you voted why the fuck did you make me close my eyes!”

(T/N : On Chapter 80)

“I want to kiss you.
At that time, I thought that the four of us would die together because two to two vote.
I was afraid that you won’t die in peace.” Li Sinian smiled sweetly, reached out to hug Fang Daichuan’s shoulder, but Fang Daichuan slapped it off.

“You’re not afraid that I won’t die in peace, you are afraid that I will see you die with my own eyes!!!” Fang Daichuan shouted, he remembered the dream he had just now, Li Sinian was shot in the head in front of him.
At that moment the image of his and Du Wei’s corpse became one, the body fell heavily to the ground, the sky covered in scarlet colour.
That dream was actually his subconscious fear.
He had already noticed that something was wrong with Li Sinian at the time.
He was not surprised by the fact that there were three votes, but he cared about who cast the vote.
But at that time, he just escaped from death and his mind is in a mess that he ignored it.

Now that Chen Hui mentioned it in such a tone, his heart felt a hundred different emotions, and for a moment he did not know whether to feel scared or regret.
His eyes burned red with these mixed emotions.

He slammed the fish to the ground and knocked it unconscious in the reef, its tail flapping defiantly a few times before it stopped moving completely.

Li Sinian stared at the fish and Chen Hui also stared at the fish.

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“What do you mean…” Chen Hui’s voice trembled, her eyes wandered around Fang Daichuan and Li Sinian’s faces, a guess emerging in her mind but she didn’t dare to confirm it.

“What do you mean?” Fang Daichuan said coldly, “There’s more than one fucking idiot like your man* on this island!”

(T/N : Chuan’er means Du Wei.
So yeah, both Sinian and Du Wei vote for themselves.)

Chen Hui stared at Li Sinian in disbelief, Li Sinian shot her a cold glance, a fire currently burning in his heart.
Then she finally knew the truth.

She is the only Judas here.
The two of them, one hot and one cold, know each other well and complement each other.
This situation made her look like an idiot.
She lowered her head and laughed.
The louder she laughed, the more desolate she became.
“A smart person can live, a fool can live, but half-idiot can’t,” she smiled sarcastically, her eyes empty, “a half-idiot that thinks they can live won’t be able to survive.”

“Can’t survive,” she shook her head and walked towards the villa, “Can’t survive.”

Fang Daichuan’s chest heaved violently, watching her retreating back, he endured for a long time, but finally he couldn’t hold back: “Don’t do anything stupid! I still have a bottle of poison here, you can use it!”

Li Sinian shook his head: “It’s useless, Niu Xinyan wrote it very clearly in the letter, it must be unopened wolf poison, four bottles.”

With heavy emotions in his eyes he shouted to the distant figure: “Tomorrow morning, we will abstain from voting, the helicopter will come and we will go back together!”

Chen Hui stopped, turned her head and sneered: “Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself.
The boss hasn’t appeared yet, is the third party really dead? Is there anyone else on this island?” She stared at Li Sinian, the malice and curses in her eyes were so strong that it almost seemed like something would pop out, “No one is innocent, don’t pretend, we all are going to die, you are next, you won’t survive, you won’t have easy death.”

“Fuck you! It’s not your fucking concern!” Fang Daichuan finally couldn’t bear it any longer, he shouted, his chest heaving violently, obviously very angry.

Chen Hui suddenly seemed to think of something, she bent down and giggled: “I thought of something, he he, it’s really interesting,” she said and stepped back, while backing away, she smiled, “The beer belly’s death is really weird.”

Beer belly’s corpse is really like a ghost, keep haunting them, Fang Daichuan thought, she is about to die so she wants to play one last trick.
He was too lazy to tell her that he had seen the corpse, he sneered, simply turned around so he didn’t have to look at her again.

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Chen Hui smiled and sang the nursery rhyme.

“Who killed the robin? The robin died on the island.

Her voice was hoarse, like a sandpaper polished voice, combined with the sound of the sea, surrounded with breath of death and decay, the atmosphere turned weird and strange.
Fang Daichuan stood there and blocked his ears.

The voice still reaches his ears in whispers.

“What to do now that the robin is dead? The birds are standing by the grave.

The sparrow opened its wings and sang; it was my turn to die next.

“It was my turn to die next.

She left the beach after singing the ominous song.

There were only two people left facing each other on the beach.

“Don’t you have anything else you want to fucking say to me?” Fang Daichuan stood with his arms folded, looking at the sea beneath the reef.

Li Sinian was silent for a while, as if there were a lot of things he didn’t know how to say.
After a long time, he raised his head and looked directly at Fang Daichuan.
His eyes were complex and clear, confused and sincere.
He said, “You are different from them.
They came to this island with malice.
They did something terrible that not even death can wipe out their crimes*.
Earlier, she said that no one is innocent.
But you are different.
The reason why you ended up on this island was entirely a coincidence and it was my fault that I didn’t stop you and let you get in the car.
I want to send you back alive.
I am responsible for your life.

Fang Daichuan never expected Li Sinian to think like this.

He froze on the spot.

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Li Sinian stepped forward and hugged him gently, because he can only use one arm, the hug supposed to be loose, yet it feels tight.
He smiled in his ear and said, “Chuan’er-ge, I am so selfish, so cold, I carry the same original sin.
With malice and sin, without you, what is the difference between me and them?”

Fang Daichuan hesitantly turned around and hugged him, and the two embraced by the sea.

“If you change the scene,” Li Sinian asked quietly, “If you change the scene, only one of us can live, will you sacrifice yourself and make me whole?”

Fang Daichuan stopped.
By reflex, he wanted to say yes, but when he was going to say it, he realised it was basically slapping himself in the face.* He thought about it for a while, and then said against his will: “Of course not, I will choose to live.
You are smarter and more resourceful than me.
If I give up on me, then I’m really dead, but if I give up on you…” He suddenly couldn’t continue, after a while, he sniffed, “If I give up on you, you will definitely survive.”

Li Sinian gave a low laugh twice but he did not expose his insincere words.
The two hugged for a while, when they parted, Fang Daichuan seemed to hear Li Sinian say something.

His voice was too low, buried in the wind, Fang Daichuan could not hear it clearly.
But it seems to say, “Remember what you just said.”


On the second floor of the villa, Du Wei and Chen Hui’s rooms.

Chen Hui was naked, lying on the bed, holding her boyfriend’s body, resting her head on the side of her boyfriend’s neck like what she usually did when her boyfriend was still alive.

Half of Du Wei’s head disappeared, his skull exposed to the air, only a small half of his face still intact.
The broken bone fragments pierced through Chen Hui’s neck, bright red blood and dark red blood were mixed together.
Seeming oblivious, Chen Hui reached out and wiped the remaining half of her boyfriend’s face, wiping off the blood on the corners of his mouth and chin.
Du Wei’s smiling eyes had been shattered along with the upper half of his skull.
Chen Hui stared for a while, then leaned over and kissed the corner of his mouth.

“It’s all your fault,” Chen Hui lay back again, pulled her boyfriend’s fingers, intertwined their hands together, “You don’t tell me anything, had you said earlier that we could switch factions, I wouldn’t kill Ding Zihui.

Du Wei’s fingers were deformed, the joints were swollen and stiff.
His arms were rotten blueish grey.

“Why did you sleep with them?” Chen Hui, feeling wronged, licked her boyfriend’s exposed ear bones, the bitter taste of corpse liquid lingered on her tongue for a long time, “Obviously we like each other so much.”

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“I thought you would betray me,” she lowered her head and gasped for two seconds, her nose and mouth starting to bleed, “So I betray you first before you betray me.” She wiped the blood on her face then carelessly wiped it on the sheets, rolled over and sat on the corpse.

The corpse was also naked, its stiff limbs were left exposed in the air.
It was hot in the summer, the corpse’s internal organs had begun to rot.
The abdomen was slightly bulging.

(T/N : So, fun fact.
There are five stages of decomposition and right now Du Wei is in bloat state.
Link for more info.)

Chen Hui picked her boyfriend’s cold lower body part, supported it, aimed and sat down on it.

She had already started to bleed, her internal organs and her upper vaginal wall were also bleeding, but she ignored it and moved up and down for some time with no expression on her face.

It’s meaningless.
The things that have always been hot and pulsating are now cold and stiff.
There is no vitality, so they can’t give her happiness and burning heat.

Chen Hui lowered her head and watched for a while.
The place where they combined was mixed with various body fluids, which was horribly dirty.
Chen Hui closed her eyes.

There were three empty bottles scattered on the bedside table beside her, blood was still dripping from the syringe needle.

The wind coming in from the open window blew the curtains from the outside, the two people on the bed hugged each other tightly without any movement.

(T/N : Chen Hui passionately sat on Du Wei and she used all 3 vials so yeah, updated image.
Apologise if the smut seems lifeless, I mean, one of the participants was not exactly there …lol.
Also, I will take a break, hopefully not long.
Probably 2 weeks top? The chapters are getting longer and I have some stuff to take care of so cya.)


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