i continued to ask more questions.

『”Why are university professors investigating a religious group?”』

“As I said not long ago, my dad is studying the thought process of people who believe in psychic powers.
Amongst a lot of religious groups out there, there are some which have members with supernatural powers like pulling out paranormal phenomena.
But a most of them are scams, and so, those who are deceived by them are also the subject of my dad’s research.

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『”Aaah, I see”』

For someone who was researching the thought process of those who believe in psychic powers, such religious groups might be a blessing.

『”But why is your mom with your dad?”』

“My mom is a former ‘magician’.
The magic she does is just the simple one, but she’s a genius who can see through the magic of others.”

『”Aaaah, so she’ll judge whether they are genuine or not, is that right?”』

“That’s right.
So, depending on the result of their investigation, they might crush that religious group.
In fact, my dad and mom have crushed some suspicious religious groups together.
And, from there, strange rumors spread.
They started getting requests from those who heard it.
That’s why they’re sometimes in charge of investigating religious groups.
Now, they even get requests from the police secretly.”

Normally, it’s supposed to be a police job, but when a request comes from someone who has been deceived or has a relative who is a believer, my parents would go to investigate, and sometimes crushes the group in the end.

However, there are also “Rare Cases” among them, which is why my mom also go together with my dad…

Atsushi noticed that Yuri had a serious face.

“What’s wrong?”

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『”Ah, nothing… it’s just, I wanted to joke about it, but for sure we live in such an extraordinary world…”』

“Extraordinary huh… For someone who can be called as that to say such a thing.
A disappointing beautiful girl who is using the club room almost by herself and like to play alone there.
The appearance is perfect, but in truth, she is just a super shy person.
Moreover, she got a bad score in test and need to take an exam retake.
This kind of person, I’ve only saw such a person in manga and light novels.”

『”Ehehe, really~? So, am I like a manga or a light novel heroine?”』

“And that positive thinking… Really, in a sense, you’re really amazing.”

She’s not good at talking directly with people, and even though she said that she’s an introvert, sometimes, she’s positive for some reason.

Considering all of her traits, I can only say that she’s a mysterious creature.

“Alright, the break is over.
Let’s continue.”

『”Eehh~, let’s take a break longer~. At least, until we play three matches in “Evil-Masked Blade” game… “』

“We, are going, to continue, now, okay?”

『”O-Okayy…” 』

Seeing Atsushi’s eyes, Yuri was frightened but consented in what he said, and so, the study session was resumed.

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