ite pizza-flavor potato chips, it’s the big size, Ak-kun…”

The first thing Atsushi saw was a silver short hair.

A small and delicate body.
However, not so thin, rather, you could say that the body looked firm and beautiful.

The legs seen from the shorts were particularly beautiful, and the skin color was pale as if it never got sunburn.

Atsushi and Yuri were surprised at the appearance of a person who you could only see in a picture book.

But they were not the only ones who were surprised.

“I-I’m sorry!! I-I didn’t think Ak-kun was bringing his girlfriend home, umm… ehmm, I’m really sorry!!”

Atsushi sighed and spoke in a hurry.

“Tsubasa, Calm down.
You’re making a tremendous misunderstanding.”

“Eh, she’s not your girlfriend…? That means, she’s seggs frie…”

“Stop it, idiot.
More than that, you’re making a misunderstanding again!!”

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“I mean, I mean! It’s normal to think that it’s such a relationship if you see someone bring in a woman when there is no one at home!!”

“I would like to agree with that statement, but look at the situation properly!”

Hearing that the person ―――  Tsubasa looked over Atsushi, Yuri, and the surrounding situation.

And the conclusion Tsubasa got was…

“… Ak-kun.
I never thought you had awoken to ‘Tutor Play’…”

For now, sin in seiza there.”

“Eh? B-but, that’s the truth, right!? I mean, Ak-kun’s hobby should be ‘S○ Play’ against a bunny girl or a girl in a pretty sexy swimsuit…”

“All right.
It’s time for war.”

“Ah, hey, wait a mi――― Gyaaaaaaaaa”

While ignoring the words of Tsubasa, Atsushi did an ‘Iron Claw’ with his big hand.
[TN: it’s a wrestling move]

Tsubasa screamed, however, Atsushi never loosened his hand.

And five minutes later.

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“It hurts… please have a mercy, Ak-kun.”

You should be grateful as I didn’t punch you, you damn idiot.”


Tsubasa was holding his head down with teary eyes.

Yuri finally sent telepathy to Atsushi.

『”Ah, umm… Atsushi-san? Who it that girl…”』

“Girl…? Oh, yeah, right…”

Atsushi frowned for a moment, but nodded as if he was convinced of something, and continued to say.

“Sorry, the introduction was delayed.
This person here is Tsubasa Yabe.
My cousin… and a 100% man.”

In instant, Yuri became quiet.

And not long after.

『”Co-co-co-co-cousin!!?? Moreover, A-a-a-a-a man!??”』

Yuri shouted in the telepathy like a mountain that just erupted.

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