When a teacher suddenly called you in school

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A few days later.

Atsushi and Yuri came to the student guidance office.

No, to be exact, they had been called.

“Oi, Shirasawa.
You, what did you do?”

『”Eh, w-wait a moment, why am I suddenly suspected???? I haven’t done anything!!!”』

“Really? You didn’t get a really bad score in the previous small test? Or got caught bringing in a game console?”

『”No… well, my score in the last Kanji test was a little low, but…”

“That’s it.”

『”No no no No.
Don’t jump into such a conclusion so fast, Atsushi-san!!! In the first place, if that was the reason, there would be no reason for Atsushi-san to be called too!!!”』

What Yuri said was right.

However, conversely, even if it was Atsushi who made some problem, it could be said that there would be no reason for Yuri to be called too.


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“Sorry that I made you guys wait.”

Saito who called them, finally came in.

And, a boy wearing glasses, Hiiragi.

“Chairman? Why are you here too?”

“I called him.
I want you to hear this guy’s report.”


Yuri tilted her head while sending the word by telepathy. 

In truth, Atsushi also wondered about what Saito just said.

Saito, who sat in front of them, began talking.

“I think you’ve heard it, but well, basically, there are strange rumors about Yamagami in the class again, you’ve heard it, right?”

“Yes, but Sensei…”

“Yeah, I know I know.
I don’t think that rumor is true.
Please remember, I’m a teacher, I won’t believe such a baseless rumor.
I could guess somehow that both of you are hanging out within your own will.”

Atsushi was relieved by the words.

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Even though Saito said so, just the thought of being suspected by a teacher was honestly, not pleasant even in the slightest.

“But … you see, the other teachers have heard that too.
And they asked me, “We heard that an Otaku student threatened his classmate, so what’s exactly going on?”… Seriously, why such an adult just swallows the rumors without even using their brain.
Well, rest assured, because I’ve given them some “cheers” so that they work their ass off.

“… I-Is that so..”

Then, Yuri, who had doubts about the words, sent telepathy.

『”Well, Atsushi-san. Should we ask what kind of “cheers” that she gave?”』

『”No, stop.”』


And so, Atsushi and Yuri listened to the continuation of the story, without asking much.

“That’s why.
Since strange rumors were circulating, I asked the chairman to investigate it.”

“As I said before, I’ve a good grasp of our class.”

Sure, Hiiragi knew more about the class than anyone else in this room.


“But… there’s something strange… Once again, I haven’t been able to identify the source of the rumors at all.”

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“Well, isn’t that normal?”

As Atsushi said before, “The source of rumors is something difficult to identify”. It would be difficult to determine who spread it first.

However, Hiiragi shook his head and denied Atsushi’s words.

To be precise, I found some people who might be main spreader of the rumor this time, but… you see, they all don’t remember where they heard the rumor.”

『”Eeeh… aren’t they just playing dumb?…”』

Atsushi thought so too.

Even if you were the source of the rumor, of course you wouldn’t to be suspected, nor considered as so, right? Normally, you would think so.

“I thought it was weird, but it didn’t look like they were lying.
But one thing that all of them said the same to me… they all remember hearing it from someone…”

“But they don’t remember that person, is that what you mean?”

Even they themselves were wondering it too.
But, there’s definitely something weird happening… As I was investigating it, I finally arrived at four people.
But, except the fact that they were our classmates.
There was no prior contact within them.
Still, it’s true that they were making similar rumors… I don’t think this is a coincidence.”

“In other word, you think that there is ‘someone’ behind them?”

“Maybe… As I said earlier, I didn’t think those four were lying.
I really felt they forgot that ‘someone’.”

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Saito nodded to that word.

“I also think that the students in the class these days seem weird, more than usual.
Sure they like rumors, but I’ve never thought that they would swallow it without thinking much, even to the point where they would corner someone to this extent.
Someone like Sayama, is one of them.
I know that he has a lot in his mind right now, but for him to believe the rumors, and driving someone else to the corner, is something so unlike him…”

Sayama had been getting a lot of stress lately, but he shouldn’t have that kind of personality in the first place. He was one of students at the top of the class caste, at least he should have been someone with a better personality than what he showed to Atsushi and Yuri recently.

And all of that happened, as soon as the rumors of Atsushi flowed.

No, it wasn’t just Sayama who became weirder. Perhaps you could say the same with the other students in Atsushi’s class.

“Well, anyway, I can’t overlook it anymore.
I’ll give some light warning at the morning assembly.
That’s it.
Now, it’s a little difficult to say from here…”

Saito suddenly stopped… 

Seeing her expressions, Atsushi and Yuri understood that it was something difficult to say.


“So, do you have time after this? The principal wants to talk to both of you a little, soon after this.”



Saito’s words made Atsushi and Yuri show a wonderfully synchronized reaction.

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