Bright light shined around me as my eyes slowly opened. Confusion shown in my eyes as I looked around. (Where am I, wait who am i) I wondered. Tall green trees surrounded me as a white clouds flew past high in the sky. The smell of roses tickled my nose as I looked at my surroundings. Confusion swept across my face as my thoughts centered around why I couldn remember anything about who I was.

Carefully I lifted my arm to push myself off the ground when I suddenly froze as something slithered around my leg. Fear almost kept me from looking to see what was slithering around my leg but I forced myself to look down, ignoring the fear. I expected to see a snake, but what curled around my leg was no snake but a black scaly tail with a spear like point at the end. The sunlight sparkler off of each and every scale sending dazzling colors through the air. It was like there was a tiny Galaxy forming Infront of my eyes and swiriling around me.

And only one thought flitted through my mind replacing all others. (BEAUTIFUL) My curious green eyes unnoticed to me, narrow. I feel my pupils dilate, but don realize that they completely change shape and color. The color of my eyes change from a beautiful but unusual snow white to a glamorous emerald green. Instead of staying circular pupils, they form into cat like slits as catlike curiosity takes the place of confusion. My eyes travel up from the tip of the tail following it up towards the base while wondering what kind of creature could hold such a beautiful tail.

As my eyes crawl up my tail and curiosity takes over my brain the once black scales start to change color turning into ripples of orange and pink that go all the way from the tip to the beginning and back. Surprise quickly goes over my face once again and in that same moment the scales stop there orange and pink rippling and start turning yellow. My eyes start once again traveling up from

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