Yuki the last chimera

Kawaii\'s backstory part 3

The white circle was already high in the sky whenever I got about halfway to my burrow. It didn take me very long to get back after that but whenever I did I found myself being hugged by my mother with tears running out of her eyes. She kept saying the same words over and over again. ”I was so worried ” she repeated to me at the very least six times before I suddenly let out a small yip as pain went through my back. ”Don you ever be gone that long again you hear me, I thought you had been hurt or ” suddenly her voice went quite as a tiny little whisper escaped her mouth ”or dead. ”

I didn know why but whenever I looked into her eyes and could tell she was absolutely furious, instead o feeling sorry I felt happy. Because there was the smell of fear mixed into her scent and it was stronger than anything I had smelt befor. And knowing that she cared about me more than anything else warmed my heart to no end. But I didn want her to be afraid or angry and I knew just the thing to make her happy. ”Mother Im sorry for making you mad but I got you something, so please don be upset. I know I was gone for a while but I wanted to get us lunch. Well I guess I should say that I got us dinner since it took so long. ” I turned around and grabbed the dead rabbit and put it Infront of my mother.

The expression of fury was still on her face but It wasn as scary as befor. Suddenly the pain from my broken leg caught up with me as I was forced to lay down as little whimpers left my body. My mother quickly came up to me and started sniffing me for injuries. I didn notice it from the pain in my leg but only about 3 quarters of my left ear was still there. The rabbits horn must have grazed my ear as it was slamming me into the ground.

And of course my mother noticed it as well but not befor she noticed the horrible condition my leg was in. I immediately found myself being picked up and then put on my mothers back. She gave a heavy sigh as she took me in one of our burrows many tunnels. Its located right beside our sleeping tunnel and its filled with leaves that give off a beautiful light. My mom says this is because of there magical pr….prop…. ummm.. owe ya, my mother says its because of there magical proper berries.

Unfortunately thats the only thing beautiful about them. The taste is awful. My mother tries to make me eaten them but I just can . I turn my head left and right as my mother almost manages in getting one leaf into my mouth. I pull out of her paws, I turn my head head downwards and then forcefully barrier my head into the ground like those fat and plump birds do. Man are they dum but atleast there ideas work.

Finally it seems as if she gave up until I felt my head forcefully pulled out of the ground and then my mouth being pried open by my mothers paws. Unfortunately the worst part came as her tail then forced itself into my mouth along with the horrible tasting leaves. My eyes watered from the taste as I started running around the burrow looking for ANYTHING to eat or drink to get this disgusting taste out of my mouth. I didn even need to ask how my leg or ear was healed because I already knew. It was those disgusting leaves.

Thankfully although it was my mother who put me in this state it was also her who came to the rescue. For right Infront of her was the juicy rabbit that I had brought home. My mother tore off both of the hind legs of the rabbit and I immediately started munching on them. As I finished off the last bits of the leg I noticed mother had finished off the rest. My stomach was bloated and my eyes were getting heavy as a long yawn escaped my mouth. Today was great and I had hopes that tomorrow would be even better. and as I went to our sleeping tunnel and curled up beside my mother. The sound of her breathing helped me to fall asleep as one last thought crossed my mind, I love my mother.

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