Yuki the last chimera

Kawaii\'s mother character sheet


My eyes snapped open as my mothers scream sounded throughout the burrow. I pushed myself off the ground and started running towards the entrance of my burrow. The scent of my mothers fear over power my senses as my eyes started to water and I started fearing the worst. As I reached the entrance of my burrow I could hear my mothers snarls as well as the sound of fighting. Whatever she was fighting it must have been huge. Large vibrations were sent throughout my burrow cause the ground to shake and sending me tumbling as I lost my balance.

Suddenly the sound of fighting stoped and I hurriedly pushed my self off the floor and finally passed the entrance to my burrow. And as I looked out at the scene Infront of me fear took hold completely and my body refused to move any further. There, right Infront of me was my mother laying on the ground as blood dripped from every part of her body. Injuries covered her pelt from left to right. Her left hind leg was entirely gone and only half of her front right paw was still there. Both of her ears where ripped to shreds and her usual bright orange fur was dyed crimson.

And standing above her was the only creature I knew of that my mother feared, A DRAGON. My eyes were once again drawn to my mother as her body started to move. The dragon watched in glee as he poised his paw above my mother getting ready for the strike. I tried to make my body move but it just wouldn listen. My heart sounded in my ears as tears started falling from my face. My eyes where still focused on my mother as her head slowly turned to face me. And as the dragons scaly paw came down I saw my mothers mouth move. And although no sound came out i knew exactly what she said. RUN.

Suddenly there was the sound of bones breaking and then a loud splat sound as blood flew in every direction. My mind couldn process what just happened, it just couldn . My mother that has been with me ever since I could remember was killed right Infront of my eyes. But although my mind couldn process what had happened it seemed my body certainly could for as the dragon turned to look at me I found myself turning around and bolting full pelt inside my burrow heading towards our burrows secret escape tunnel. Tears fell from my eyes as the the image of my mothers death kept Appearing in my mind.

While running throughout my burrows tunnels a image of my mothers stash of Kira Berries entered my mind. (Kira Berries are a type of magic berry that removes your scent from anywhere you have been in the past 48 hours and anywhere that you travel in the next 4 hours. Its a type of berry that only nature foxes are able to make.) My body quickly twisted and turned. I traveled from tunnel to tunnel heading towards me and my mothers sleeping place. Finally I made it to the tunnel and right there hanging against the tunnel wall was the stash of Kira berries.

I stepped up to the berries and grabbed them off the wall. Suddenly the enraged roar of the dragon sounded throughout the burrow. My head turned back towards the direction of the entrance to the tunnel as the fear that I was still feeling rose even more. Because following the dragons loud roar a large stream of fire swept throughout the burrow and was coming right towards me. I quickly turned towards the direction of the escape tunnel as despair started to make its way into my brain.

Because as I looked at where the tunnel that would get me out of here was located my heart nearly stopped. The tunnel was only 100 feet in-between me and the fire. I started moving as fast as I could towards the tunnel. There was no way that I was Ganna die here, not whenever I still had to avenge my mother. I picked up speed as I forced my body to the limit.

There was the tunnel just 10 feet in front of me. As I came upon the tunnel my eyes widened as despair fully took over. The fire that I once thought I could beat was fully covering the tunnel and making its way towards my position. Making a quick decision i knew that my only way out was threw this flames and no matter what I happened I will make sure I survive, for my mother, for REVENGE. My body lunged forward going all out.

The fire was raging towards me but I didn care. My tail curled around my face keeping our the smoke as I forced myself through the fire. Searing pain swept throughout my body but I could care less. I was going to survive and that was that. Suddenly my body left the fire and made it into the tunnel but I knew that it wasn over yet. The fire might have kept going forward but it would eventually head into this tunnel.

I kept going from tunnel to tunnel heading towards the exit. My mother made the exit tunnel over 4 miles away from the entrance so it would be harder for anything for anything to bush us but in this case it might just get me killed. The sound of fire crackling came from behind me and I knew that the fire had finally caught up but thankfully I could see light at the end of the tunnel that I was traveling through and I knew exactly what that meant. My lungs hurt and my breathing came in quick gasps and coughs but I forced myself to keep moving forward. Suddenly there was the exit but unfortunately it was to late, The fire had reached me.

As a last ditched effort I bunched my muscles and using all the strength that I had left in my body I jumped towards the exit of the tunnel…. and made it, but not befor the fire came out of the tunnel and creating a slight explosion that blasted me through the air and into a tree. I struggled to remain conscious as I put down the Kira berries that were in my mouth onto the ground. I slowly opened up my mouth and started eating. It didn take me long to finish off the berries thankfully. Unfortunately tho thats all my body could take and as I lost consciousness I could only hope that the dragon wouldn find me in that time.

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