Yuki the last chimera

Kawaii\'s Backstory Part 1


name-(Rose/ Kawaiis mother) Tier 2 monster

general species- (Magical Fox- a fox that has the future or present capability to use magic)

species classification- (Nature fox- a evolutionary branch of the mana fox that has a natural ability for taking care of plants.)

Titles- (Being a mother- when giving birth pain is reduced by 75 percent after getting pregnant for a second time) (sick child caretaker- 50% more effectiveness of any medicine used on a sick child) (home cleaner- for every minute you spend cleaning your home your cleaning speed doubles) (dragon hater- when facing a dragon a massive amount of hatred will be released from your body instinctively making the dragon pause allowing you to get the first hit) (loving mother- your child has a 25% more chance to listen to whatever you say.)

skills- (clean freak- any opponents you face with any noticable spots of dirt and grime on them you do 20 extra points of damage to them) (Kira berry- create a magical berry once every week that erases all scent the you left in the past 48 hours and will leave in the next 3 hours once eaten) (stone claw- your claws do a extra 10 points of damage and are less likely to break in a fight) (plant entanglement- use the vines in your surrounding to entangle your opponent for 10 minutes however if the opponent is 3 times stronger than you or more than this skill will fail) (inferno rage- all defense is lost and you gain 2 times as much stats in every other area) (playful lick- if your body is tired then you gain an extra amount of energy that lasts 10 minutes but afterwords you are fired to sleep) (cuddle -share 25 points of health with whoever you are cuddling with)

str- (80)






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