Its so dark, why is it so dark? Did I pass on? Am I home?

Its so silent. I don even hear the air in the room. But the light scent of fabric softener is the only thing I can sense. Then I notice that my body is wrapped in something, its very warm. Im in a bed, and its not my bed.

There is no smell of mold, these sheets are actually clean. Why am i here? My head fog slowly clears. And the traumatic events play over in my mind. And will that came pain.

I Don understand it. I feel it deep inside of me. My heart feels like it has something lodged deep inside. I lift my hand, and pull the blanket from my head. And look around the dim room.

Medical supplies laid strewn out across the floor. A small bucket with bloody water lays next to the bed.

Someones taking care of me

I relax and lay back against the pillows and as I do that, a figure comes into the room.A tall slender woman, with wavy black hair that goes down to her butt. Her black eyes bore into me, yet I do not feel afraid. She walks slowly towards me, more medical supplies in her arms.

”Im just going to wrap your bandages. ”

She says as she puts them on the bed. I try to reply but a pitiful squeak leaves my throat, with it being a burning sensation. And I suddenly feel a straw against my lips, and I slowly begin to sip. It has a slight powdery taste.

”I put some painkillers in it. Your wounds are… quite extreme. ”

She holds the bottle there for me as I slowly drink, even though Im taking forever. Its quite nice. She suddenly pulls away.

e not in a state to be able to go to the bathroom yet, and I can pick you up without hurting you. ”

I slowly nod as she tosses the bottle and begins to rip open packages. Finally she steeles on one big enough and a bottle of alcohol.

”Im just gonna pull this down and lay you on your stomach. ”

she says as she slowly pulls the covering down. Speaking in a way you would to a scared baby deer, so you don spook it. I then feel her cold hands on my sides as she helps to turn me over and to look at the damage. My ribs ache and creak under the contact.

”Everything else is almost healed for the most part. You were burned in only one area, and its gonna scar. Ive been applying salves to try and help reduce it, but its not working well enough

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