after dark

Chapter 9

”What is it? ” Sato eyed Ayato curiously while stacking the papers on his desk. ”Changed your mind? ” he smirked towards Ayato as the other signed in reply.

”Tell me ” Ayato started. ”Why don you want me to join the investigation? ” Sato squinted slightly as he faced Ayato.

e a distraction- ”

”How? ” signing, the younger rubbed his forehead before sitting on his couch.

”Now your acting like a detective you know? ”

”Am I? ”

Ayato smiled slightly as he took a seat next to him. Ayato knew this would happen. Why was Sato so persistent?

”Sato… ” the man spoke up. ”I want to… talk to you ”

The said man eyed him as his face harden.

e scaring me ”

Ayato stared at him for a bit before looking forward toward the peach-colored wall. ”Tell me from your own words…why don you want me there? ”

”Where? ”

”The investigation ”

A long silence followed as the questioned man bit his lip. What was he going to say? Can he just say I don want you there because you will grab everyones attention? It sounds stupid. It makes him look scared and insecure.

”Because… your annoying ” he made up something and threw it at Ayato. No. Sato will never give up easily.

”Why do you hide? ” he flinched. ”Why do you hide so much. Why can you just talk to me? ” Ayatos eyes shook as he averted his direction to his gently shaking hands. ”You always spoke to me through people. Either you make them tell something to me that you want to tell or write a note and send it. You never talked to me eye-to-eye. ” Ayato reasoned still concentrating on his now trembling hands.

He was cautious. How was Sato going to get what he said? Will he freak out? Ayato didn know.

”Well… ” Sato began. ”Its not like you ever take me seriously ”

Ayatos heart clenched as Sato said that. The worst part was he was indeed right about that. That the fact Ayato never took him seriously. Guilt began pouring through the mans body as he remembered the times when Sato would talk to him.

When did all this go wrong?

”Since its been so long, I don wanna talk about the past ” Sato stretched out as he jumped off the couch and onto the ground. ”Im off ” he waved at the other and walked off Ayatos view leaving the man alone.

Now he felt that their distance was getting bigger and bigger. How can he possibly fix this? He didn know how to. In short, he was clueless.

”Another murder took place in Tokyo as the rich and popular Hime family was tragically shot to death along with their 2-year-old children ”

The televisions sound buzzed throughout the living room of the cottage as a certain 9-year-old sipped on his drink, eyes wide.

”Another crime? Right now Tokyo is a killing ground mum ” Shika gaped at the screen as his mother, Mikoto silently agreed.

Another murder of a family emerged in news adding to the number of 56 deaths in total.

”All of this began in… hmmm 6 years ago right ma? ” Mikoto looked at Shika, shocked.

”How do you know this? ”

”Im 9 thank you ” playfully Shika smirked as his mother frowned.

This boy. He was becoming a handful.

”Im back ” Mizu announced as she removed her coat and wrapped it around the wooden stand. The click of the wooden door vibrated as she closed the entrance.

”Im really worried about you walking alone at night like this ” the dark-haired woman voiced out worriedly as she help Mizu settle down.

Chuckling she walked towards the younger and sat next to him eyeing the glowing box.

”Another one? How many was it now? ” Mizu questioned raising an eyebrow.

”56 now? ” Shika answered and shrugged.

Signing the girl rested her head on the couch and laid her slender figure on the soft material, lying her legs on Shikas lap.

”Hey! ” the boy complained but was ignored.

It truly was 56, isn it? So many deaths in six years. Who could want to do such gruesome acts? Why do they do this?

”Woah is that blood ” moving Mizus shirt upwards a stain of blood was painted on her white skin startling the girl.

”Mizu!? ”

Hurriedly Mikoto walked towards the girl, concern lingering on her face.

”Its nothing really ” she nervously chuckled as she warningly eyed Shika.

”Its nothing!? your bleeding! Where is the wound!? ” the older womens voice rang out as she rushed for the first aid kit.

”Mother its just a scratch don worry! ” Mizu replied loudly but failed as the woman came towards the girl, bandages and medical equipment lying in her hands.

”No scratch can produce that amount of blood ”

Frowning Mikoto leaned to check on her stomach but was suddenly interrupted by the sudden bang of their front door.


A loud cry called out as the said woman immediately got up.

Flinching, Mizu held Shikas hand between hers as he was quite startled.

”Ayato? ”

”Sato… ” Ayato breathed out as he struggled to catch his breath.

”What is it!? Is he fine!? ”

Running towards the sweating man Mikoto shook the mans shoulders.

”Sato… he got into an accident ”

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