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‏ch1 strange ball

Muhammad Ali, an eccentric Muslim teenager, walks towards his school, avoiding looking at women who are dressed in an overly revealing outfit

”Why the hell are these women showing all their bodies as if it was some kind of competition?… Do I have to put up a sign saying I am a young Muslim, please be modest? ” Ali said to himself and after thinking for a moment and then sigh

”No, this is the country of freedom and I have no right to do this. Its not as if the world revolves around me, unfortunately everyone has their freedom… ” Ali said and continued his way to high school.

Ali arrived at large doors with a sign that read ”New York Shiny Public High School ” above.

Ali walked quietly to his class and walked in through the door and saw his class teacher, Mr. Jeff.

Its Karen, an idiot and a racist towards Ali because hes a Muslim

”Why did you delay, you idiot, do you Muslims know the meaning of keeping appointments? ” Jeff said

As a response, the school bell rang, indicating the time for school to start

”Excuse me Mister Jeff, I think I came on time and not late ” Ali said and looked at him as if he was looking at some idiot

Jeffs face turned red with anger and began to stutter

Ali ignored him and went to his seat and sat down. Then he felt something gasp in his back

He smiled at me, turned around and looked at his only friend in America, Brian Clark

”How are you otaku? ” Ali asked sarcastically

Brian smiled and said, ”Better than you are, and you
e arguing with this idiot every day, how can you stand his foolishness, that hes trying to make trouble with you out of everything. ”

”Its better to ignore fools like him, it makes them even more upset. ” I sighed and said sarcastically.

”Anyway, what did you do over the weekend? ” I asked with a curious smile

”I made it while watching Ymir-chan defeat the enemies. Oh my God, shes so sexy and cute, I wish she was real so I could date her, ” Brian replied in a skewed tone.

I looked disgusted at this idiot and said sarcastically

”you lolicon pervert, Ill call the FBI right now. ”

”Fuck you not to love Ymir-chan is a sin? ” Brian replied sarcastically

”Screw, Muslim, do you think my lesson is some kind of joke, why don you listen? ” Mr Jeff shouted

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