”Jollies pov ”

Iris bought a lot of things she arranged some into the fridge and some into the wardrobe, I don even know what to say, how to thank her, it seems like shes my guidan angel or something, she patted my head then she dragged me to the bed, she dimmed the lights she also made the room a little warmer before she closed the door behind her, as soon as she left I drifted to sleep.

”Next day ”

I don know how long I slept, I starched lazily and stood upvi looked at the clock ”what 7:o clock ”I screamed in my head, how did I woke up so late, I stood up and walked toward the door I meet iris at the door.

” you
e finally awake ”she said as soon as she saw me ” good morning ”she added.

”Good morning ” I replied ”I was just tired I never meant to wake up this late ” I said as I scratched my hair,

”Don worry you would be sleeping in today, we don actually have classes its sunday remember, well am actually going out I would be back maybe in the evening, I don think they are going out ” she said referring to her friends, ”if you need anything you can call me or use the credit card on the dining table ” she said fluently

”But iris I don need a credit card am okay ” I declined,

”No am not complaining, and please don go out I don want someone who didn study geography to get missing under my care okay ” she said smiling and I made a little blush. ”I would be leaving now ” ”stay well ” stay well I called after her waving my hands.

I walked into the sitting room millie was the only one there ”good morning ” she looked up from her phone ”hey hows your night hope you slept well ”she asked, ”yes you ” I asked ”good ” she replied.

”Emm, millie I was wondering if theres anything to clean the house ” she looked at me ”follow me ” we came into another room, ”they are in here, wait you want to the the chores ” ”yes ” I replied, ”I was never here I didn show you anything ” she said, ”millie is it bad if do the chores ” I asked ”em no its nothing, but iris won like it ” she said with a sigh. ”Then don worry about it am going to tell her myself ” I said as I picked up the vacuum cleaner.

I started cleaning the house I was done with the chores before it was 9:am, ”wait theres no food in the house, why don I make something I taught. I went into the kitchen, I don think they cook on this house, everybody just order what they want, the pots looked untouched, I sighed and opened the refrigerator it was fully loaded ” so all this just go on waste ”I taught, what am I supposed to do for breakfast after a long while of thinking my eyes landed on the freshly brought bread maybe iris bought them yesterday, I opened the cupboard I bought out some ingredients for toasted bread and sandwich, now wheres the toster, I opened another cupboard and saw it, I took some oranges from the fruit bowl, am going to make orange juice with them, I was done with then in a few minutes I placed them into set of warm plates, I opened the refrigerator I picked some shrimps and seafood, I added some appetizer to them, I also did a meat and fish source to go with it, I arranged them neatly on the dinning table I separated virus and kept them into the fridge I would warm it for her when she comes back. I went to skyler room because her room is closer to mine invited them for breakfast, they all came and sat down I served it into their plates but they were unwilling to have some, I took mine and started eating then skyler joined, I was still eating mine when I looked up.

” jollie I still want some ” they said in unison

”Here you can have them I actually made them for you guys, I discovered you only eat food you order so I taught about trying something new, do you like it ” I asked anxiously

”Yeah its far more better then the food we order ” kaira said millie and skyler nodded in Aggrement

”I can cook for you guys if you want me to ” I said looking down at my food

”You can ” asked skyler

”Sure I can, don worry Ill speak to iris about it ” I said as I finished my food.

I stood up after wards to take my bath, I entered my room iris already called to check how I was so I called her back

”Emm iris are you there ” I said into the phone

”Yes, are you alone ” she asked

”No, skyler millie and kaira are still in ” I told her

”Do you need anything ” she asked

”Nope I just finished eating, I kept yours, I cooked your friends liked it, I was thinking I could cook everytime, can I ” I asked

”The only way I can let you cook is when I have tasted it if its not sweet you
e out ” she said and laughed

”I bet you would lick your hands when you taste them ” I said in defense

”Fine its a deal have got to go see you later ” she said as she ended the call

I dropped my phone, girl you
e dirty, I told myself, I went into the bathroom, am really gonna use all the buttons I said to myself, I off my pyjamas and let my hair down.

I pressed the red button, hot water poured von me as I screamed, I pressed the blue next to it and it went off ”oh so that what thats for ”I said as I tried the rest of them, I finally got used to them I had a warm bath as I washed my hair separately with the shampoo, after washing my hair I had another bath because I love stepping out wet, I wore my bathroom slippers, iris already taught me how to use the room remote, I turned the room temperature to warm, I sat down on the dressing chair, I dried my hair with the hair dryer then I added cream then I brushed it down, I stood up afterwards creaming my body, I opened the wardrobe all my old clothes were gone and it was replaced with new ones, I picked something really casual to wear, then I went back to my reading desk my books were already bought so I started reading I don know how long I read when millie opened my door without knocking.

”Emm jollie were going out hope you would be okay ” she asked

”Don worry I would be fine, am reading any ways ” I said

”Okey what would you like ” she asked

”Em nothing, am fine actually ” I replied

”Okey we would be leaving ” she said as she closed the door behind her, I continue reading for so long taking down notes I checked the time it was almost 4:oclock, wow have read for so long, I picked my phone I played games and watched some movies, then I slept.

I don know how long I slept but I felt someone tapping me lightly, I gradually opened my eyes it was iris

e back ” I said in a sleeply voice

”Yes I came back for a while now but you were still asleep ” she said stretching out

”You promised me something ” she said in a small smile

”Oh yeah, come with me ” I stood up and rubbed sleep away from my eyes, we walked to the dining while I went to the kitchen to get iris food I warmed the source then I took them to her, I sat down while she ate, she finished everything before 20mins

”You like it ” I asked

”Gosh this is delicious ”

”So I win ” I said as I raised my hands like a kid who got a candy

”Fine you can cook but don stress yourself out ” she said

”Emm jollie why didn you use the credit card I gave you ” she asked

”Emm, I don really know what to do with it, I really don want it am okey ” I told her bowing my head

”Awwn, its fine okey, I want you to meet someone his name is westly, hes one of the special people in my life ” she said with a little blush ”I don know if you would like to meet him ”she said

” iris its okey but am not ready to meet anyone now ”I said

” okey no probs dad sent you money, but you don have an account right, we
e going to get you one when its break okey ”she said walking away preventing me from answering her. I stood up and packed the plates and did the dishes I need to wake up early for my classes tomorrow I sat down on a couch in the living room, I was thinking about calling mom when millie walked in with a package

” jollie ”she called ” yeah I answered trying to stand up

”Hey no worries you can just sit ” I sat down back on the couch and she sat next to me, ”when we went out in the afternoon I taught about buying you something for you so I bought you this ” she said handelin me the package, my eyes widen

”But millie I told you I was okey ” ”yeah I know, i bought them with my free mind thats it, I already bought it them and I can return them so you have to take them ” she said perseverly. I opened the package it was back flats, red hairy Pam and a red cute teddy

”I don know if its your size but your legs are pretty small, I taught it would do ” she said I was totally astonished ”why not try them on ” she said I gently slipped my legs into them they fitted perfectly, I totally loved the teddy, I showed them to iris she checked the shoe size, iris is really something, she took me to my room and laid me on the bed

”Now you sleep you remember you have lectures tomorrow, she said and Pat my hair then she left I fell asleep too…

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