”Am fine, am already in class, kaira and millie are here ” I replied ”see you after maths class, you have lots of things you are not telling me ” she sent.

Just as I was about t9 reply the lecturer came in, I dropped my phone he switched on the projector, I looked over to him it was like he was less interested, he was just on phone but hes really cute and just then boom he caught me staring at him he shown his eyes wide I tried to look away but it was impossible because of the faces he was making, he made a cute pout I blushed a little then he smiled and stick out his tongue closing his eyes, hes really cute I admitted, his grey glowing hair totally fits his face, I noticed camera lights on him, thats when I noticed girls faning over him, just as I turned away to look around most of the girls were giving me death stares ”God its really frightening, then I totally focused on the lecturer he already had some work on the white board but half the class was not listening, millie and kaira looked totally lost I bet they couldn understand a single thing he has been saying, I smiled a little as I took down notes and works, it was like forever before the class ended.

Millie sent a message ” leaving already maths class just drained me totally ”she sent with laughing stickers, I looked up and saw them waving at methey left afterwards.

” psss you didn tell me your name ”he said and I totally ignored his question, I packed my things onto my bag, I was about leaving when he stopped me

”You still didn tell me your name ” he said again and I just nodded

”I would like to walk you to your next class, and I would like to buy you a drink ” he said in a rush, how am I supposed to answer him I taught, okay lets do this I said to myself

”Am jollie thanks for walking me around, and I can let you buy me a drink ” I said in a haste

”Do you think am a flirt or something ” he asked

”No am not saying you
e are one okay ” I tried to convince him ”miss am not okay, I just want to be nice, thats it ” he said

”Its just that I can go out with someone I just met ” I said trying to keep it cool.

”So you mean am a stranger, you
e saying you really don know who I am ” he said with a small smile, I just kept quiet cause 6i don really know what to say

”Fine my name is kai, nice meeting you ” he said extending his hands but I didn take it ”wooh girl, don you think that ain nice if you leave my hands hanging ” he asked and I reluctantly shook his hand

”Emm kai I don want to be late, I have lots of things to do ” I said getting frustrated

”Fine just want to be friends with you ” I nodded ”lets go ” he gestured with his hands, I sighed lets get this over with.

He made way for me allowing me to move out first, I had a huge urge to ask him why he wants to be friends with me but I stopped myself from doing so, just as were stepping out girls were screaming like crazy, I looked at Kais face but he was emotionless so I couldn read his face so I just looked away. We entered the next class biology all the people kinda followed us in, like who are they looking for, whats the reason for their screaming it was like in the morning but that morning was worst than this, I stopped when kai held my hands

”Jollie were sitting here ” he pointed at a sit just at the middle of the class, just the perfect spot, I noticed the whole horizontal line we were sitting was completely empty, I received a text as soon as I sitted

”Babe joining you in class, biology class is just so complicated ” it reads from iris I replied with smiling emojis.

The lecturer walked in and the door was closed theres no way iris would be here again I said to myself as the teaching commerced, I checked the time it was now over 30mins , I turned over to kai he was totally lost he tried listening but it wasn possible I couldn help but giggle, he saw me and made a sad face.

” Kais pov ”

JOLLIE what an interesting name I taught but shes really pretty and she really has loads of attitude how come she say she doesn know me, it hurts so bad whos she I taught, shes already friends with celebrities, shes really smart too no girl has ever spoken to me the way she did, I can get any girl if I so wishes to but no shes difficult, I guess biology is the worst of all I couldn get a single thing the dude was trying to explain, I even tried taking down notes but it wasn possible and I wasn too good at that too, I looked over to here she already written a lot ”wow ” I wish I could be like that, I tried to get my whole attention pushing away the gigglings from the girls behind, how am I supposed to learn with fans here I said to myself when I heard a sweet sound coming from jollie, is she laughing at me or what I made a sad face got her but she continued giggling I couldn help but smile, then she checked her phone and looked at the door, whats she looking at I taught.

”Jolies pov ”

I checked my phone again cause it beeped ”look at the door, I want to surprise you ” iris sent, the door opened again iris and her friends walked in stealing the moments phones went up wow I exclaimed I was just admiring them they are really good at this they walked up to where we were sitting the first chair wasn occupied but kaira sat on the next then skyler sat on the next followed by millie then there was an empty chair after millie but iris came and sat down next to me, I was wondering why they all sat that way I noticed an empty chair separating me and kai and another one after kai whats going on I asked myself I awz trying to figure it out wh6 iris tapped me

e sending me notes ” she said smiling ”you can miss this westly is coming to class ” she said happily westly the guy she wants me to meet do badly, I could see her whole attention on the door, the lecturer picked up something and looked at it then he stopped teaching and looked at the door ”whats happening ” I asked no one in particular, the door opened in a slow motion like the world stopped, that feeling I felt at the entrance when it was completely covered, but it wasn as strong as it was at first, everywhere became dead silent that even if a pin dropped it could be heard loudly it was like everything froze on the spot,

A guy came in with two other guys the first guy looked outta the world, he wore an oversized boxy t shirt and cargo pants, like they were all wearing same but different colors they finally walked in phones went up girls were screaming, my eyes drifted towards iris she was smiling none stop, it was like the lecturer wasn even there cause the whole place was rowdy they walked up to us the one with the grey outfit sat down on the chair before kaira, and the one in blacks sat down between skyler and iris, the last one in reds sat down on the first before kai surprisely the chair between me and kai was empty whats really going on I looked at the chair constantly then I noticed a tag on it ”PRESTON ” I think I have heard that name before somewhere, nervously I turned and saw my name on my chair ”whoo wait to everyone has their names on their chairs ” I looked over to iris who has been blushing since the guy in blacks came in something is going on I taught, iris looked towards me and I shifted my gaze the guy adjusted his hair and looked at me too then he whispered something to her that made her giggle, I tried to listen to the conversation going on behind me

”WHOS she, and how did she get a seat next to Preston ” someone asked

”Yeah shes new and she already got close to kai ” another said

”Or maybe they knew each other before because kai hasn talked to a girl like that before ” another said

”Or do you think shes an idol too, I don think so I haven heard about her before or maybe her parents are rich and they know Prestons parents ” one said

”Look thats isn important, actually I taught Preston would be coming today ” the first one said again

”Yeah, you
e right how I wish I could see his eyes or I could watch him flip his hair ” the other one said

God this people are really crazy, I can just imagine what I just heard, I sighed and listened on what the lecturer as saying, it was already 2:30pm before the lecturer left the class and boom camera lights flashed on us, I packed my things trying to avoid the camera lights it was blinding. I stood up trying to walk out, j tried pushing my way through the crowd, I kept pushing until I finally made my way through the crowd. I stood at the door trying to see if iris could see me but I guess she was too caught up in the whole act, I walked out to the entrance I don know but I suddenly walked towards the fountain I sat down on the beach close to it as I admire the way the water came out of it, how I wish mom was here to watch it with me I don know how long I sat there but when I checked my time it was almost 4:0clock I guess I don have classes anymore I tried reaching iris but it wasn going through….

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