I said as I looked at his face, hes damn cute but stubborn most times, just then lights shown on us I was thinking it was those crazy fans I already put on my mask but it turns out to be iris car

”See shes here already ” I said she I removed my mask, he wore his mask and bucket hat with his hair dropping to his face, he looks so pretty, he moved towards the dark side hes fond of that, I walked towards iris damn shes hot, I gave her a quick kiss I really can get enough of her lips, her friends were with her too, she looked towards the person standing in the dark,

”Iris you have been disturbing me lately about this special someone ” I said looking at her, iris has someone she likes thats big, but she was still looking at the person maybe to guess who he was

”Babe Preston is waiting and hes hungry ” I said finally curing her curiosity

”Yeah I wanted to ask that, what is he doing here ” a message beeped onto my phone immediately

”If you ain coming am leaving I don want to be noticed ” he sent

”Babe lets go ” I Intwined our hands and we walked slowly towards Preston.

Iris friends were into it they were trying to hold their screams I could hear them a little ”hey bordey ” I said as I wrapped my hands over his shoulder, we walked through the hallway, Preston stopped turning to the direction of his house, but I pulled him back he looked at me and I gave him a reassuring smile, I know am doomed, we came to iris door, she pressed the door bell the door came opening, she has a cute baby face, her hair fell on her face shes really pretty, iris is cute but not as pretty as the girl, she made way for us to enter, whos she, I looked at Preston but he looked less concerned he was busy with his phone the whole time, iris hugged her as soon as we stepped in ”you waited ” was all I could hear before they left us, iris friends has been clinging to Preston the whole time taking pictures, he went to a separate sofa to sit, iris already left with the girl and the package, I went ahead to meet Preston

”Westly don tell me am eating in here with them ” he sent

”Sure you are bro ” I replied

”West you ain serious right ” he sent

”Okey should I bring your food ” I asked

”Quit it west I can eat in here ” he looked at iris friends and sent ”they will go crazy ” I laughed and left him to iris.

I walked into iris room but she wasn there, the room next to hers was kinda weird I remembered when I come here the room used to be empty but I think someone moved in already, iris never wanted anybody room to be next to hers so what happened I asked my self.


”What do you mean you don want them ” I asked her, but she dropped her head ”jollie I just care for you, just accept them ” I said as I held her hands

”Iris since I came you have been nice to me, you have been buying things for me and your dad has been nice to me too I don think I deserve this, I don know if I can pay you back ” she said really concerned. Just then there was a knock on the door, I opened it only to be greeted by westly face, I guess he has been looking for me

”Emm babe this is jollie the person I have been telling you about ” I said and he just nodded and whispered into my ears

”Preston wants to eat but hes shy ” he said his breath tickling my ears, I chuckled a little ”sure was all I could say, I quickly turned to jollie

” jollie someone wants to use your room it will be real quick, your food is on the coffee table beside the pink sofa ” I said, jollie is the only one I think has the perfect room where Preston can eat and besides shes not one of his crazy fans I taught as westly dragged me away

”Millie take Preston to Jolies room the food with the separate package is his ” I texted her as I entered my room ”yes ” she sent with crazy stickers, westly already brought our food to my room, I know am already doomed he held my waist as we entered.


I sat there for a while longer where did westly go, iris friends already went away I raised my head to look around, were could westly be I tried calling him but I guess not to, I checked my phone as messages kept popping in non stop I need to take care of lots of things but now am stuck here what am I supposed to do, I looked around the sitting room my eyes landed on the package next to the pink sofa, I guess one of iris friends left it there, just then I heard approaching steps I looked up to meet her eyes but she wasn even staring for a bit, she walked past me like I wasn even there the whole time, I don think she was with us the whole time if I could count correctly there were just three girls who came with iris, so where did she come from. I remembered earlier the girl that opened the door, I kept watching her but she didn even spare me a glance for a minute, she picked up the package she opened bit the whole aroma filled my nose, then she closed it and took it outside thats rear someone who doesn notice me at all, shes like one in a ten thousand and that doesn even bother me, I said to myself. I heard footsteps again I looked up I taught it was that same girl I guess she already realized her mistake I smiled to myself but I was disappointed it was one of iris friends, I don know what she wants and I don care she maintained a good distance between us like she would affect me if she comes close to me.


God am damn happy, I added a little makeup to my face, I let my hair down I wore an oversized t shirt with a little bumper shorts underneath after one last look I came out I took a deep breath rehashing what I would say when I get to Preston, I tried for a long time this thing is frustrating, I counted my steps till I got to Preston but I maintained a good distance between us

”Emm Preston ” I said with the most sweetest voice I could muster, he gradually raised his head to look at me, I felt like I awz in heavens gate, I guess he was checking me out and then he dropped his head I felt like I was thrown down back to earth but am still not going to give up

”Emm Preston, westly said you should come with me ” I said trying hard not to blush, he stood up and walked right past me like he knew where he was going I kept up with his pace after picking up his food handling it with lots of care, I opened Jolies door the room was damn neat like she knew someone was going to visit her, he entered and sat down von the sofa I brought the table to him as I placed them on the table handling them with lots of care, after serving him I was deliberating on what to do when I got interrupted by the knock on the door, Preston looks less concerned do I went there to open the door little did I know it was my crazy friends skyler and kaira, they got in without my permission trying hard not to scream their lungs out, I felt like they spoilt my precious chances to be with Preston, I could tell they were talking several photos of him

”Em Preston do you want to be alone ” I asked not sure if I would get a reply but just asked, I got an reply he nodded cutely and put on his heart pufvon his ear, I was happy I took skyler and kaira out of the room, getting out of the room we did the gi9 scream jumping like we won a lottery, I went to my room happy even if Preston didn talk to me the few ten minutes I spent with him was like ten thousand years I hugged my teddy tight before dozing off.


”Babe stop we ain in your house ” I said trying stop his lips from going any further down my collarbone ”but you are tempting me ” he said in a husky voice ”then just concentrate on your food ” I replied, but then he continued kissing me I pushed him away when he wasn going to stop, he looked at me with those green eyes

”You said I should concentrate on my food ” he said

”Yes I mean your food ” I said pointing to the food besides us on the coffee table

”But you
e my food ” he said with a little blush, I couldn hold it back, hes always spoiling me with sweet words, I licked my lips trying hard not to blush

”You see you keep doing it ”he said ”doing what ” I asked ”you keep licking your lips making it damn hard for me to concentrate when am with you ” he said picking on his pinky

”Westly you
e spoilt ” I said taking his hands in mine

”Am only a spoilt brat to you, but good to other girls ” he said intwining our hands, I had a huge urge to kiss this spoilt brat in front of me but I kept refrain myself from doing so, before I knew it I pulled closer and claimed his lips, he smiled into the kiss before taking controll, hes a good damn kisser, we finally broke up trying to catch our breath…..

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