I parked my car, ow fans are already here, I wore my face mask a guard opened the door for me I stepped out camera lights flashed on me like crazy just like I knew the media team were there trying to get answers to their stupid questions, my guards quickly covered me till I got away from the crowd I entered the elevator alone as I stepped out someone covered my face, I was being kidnapped I screamed for help but it wasn possible all I knew was that I was brought to a room and I was lying on the bed with someone ”** ” I caused, wait what have been raped, I started screaming like someone whos crazy but I was pulled down by a pair of hands

”Babe am trying to sleep ” I looked at my side ”westly!!! ” I screamed

”Yea babe am trying to sleep ” he said I slapped him hard ”are you out of your mind ” I said really angry

”Babe ee ouch it hurts, please calm down ” he said really hurt but I don care, I really taught something bad happened to me ”I said standing up from the bed, he already held me in a firm grip and I was trying to get away

”Babe nothing would happen to you while am around ” he said I looked at his eyes they really felt sorry

”So why did you do that, you scared me ” I said trying to calm my nerves ”okay fine Ill tell you ”


Whats all those noise ”Preston did you invite anybody, and why are the guards not standing there ” it seems like I was talking to myself cause he already got in, his countenance changed immediately I could tell he was really angry, the whole house was filled with girls if not strippers, Darren and cloten were dancing their lives out that they didn even know when we entered, like a flash the girls kinda noticed us especially Preston their screaming were even louder than the stenero playing that was what brought Darren and cloten back. Preston stared at them blankly wooh Darren and cloten are in big trouble, cloten dropped the drink in his hands Darren mouth dropped wide open, Preston walked right past them like nothing happened wow sure attitude, by the time he was coming down the music had died down totally, he was on call he had some keys in his hands I guess hes not sleeping here tonight he went out and that was it.

Cloten was already panicking while Darren was trying to act cool but I could tell he was faking deep down, so I came here cause I couldn contact Preston but I made sure hes okay, I called guards to look after him, I couldn go home because I didn bring my car, so I came here to get a shut of eye but it was impossible cause fans kinda noticed I was here and I told them to bring you at all costs so you could make me go to sleep ”he said


Wow what an epic story so you think the best way to bring me here was to kidnap me ”I asked almost shouting

”Shh babe I already told you I was sorry what do you want me to do Ill do anything ” he said with pleading eyes, am like loving this already, he looks so cute but I have to stay strong to win this

”Babe you said you would do anything right ”I asked to be sure ” ”yeah sure ” ”how bout you don do anything ” I said enjoying the moment

”Babe am really sorry ” he said as my phone beeped immediatel interrupting us

”Hon my class starts in 10mins, we ain done with this, don go out you ain allowed to leave I would be back ” I said as I gave him a quick kiss before leaving.

God westly won kill me, I was already receiving messages from lots of people, I got to class and my teacher was already there ”iris you would be modeling a new product next week so get ready ” she said as I took my seat ”God again ” I exclaimed ”just get ready….


Am bored everyone already left the house now the house is completely quite, I was using the laptop in my room I played games, I listened to online classes. I checked my phone it was already 11:oclock the house is damn quite nobody told me when they left, thinking of what to do I went back to my laptop searching for jobs online, first job bar tender ”no I can do this job adding to the fact I know nothing about wine, drink or alcohol and I can work at night cause I need to go to school the next morning ” a salesgirl In a coffee shop ”nope am not doing that the pay is too low ” a delivery person ”God I hate delivering. FINALLY I came across the perfect one ” its pay is really good and it won disturb my Schooling, a job in an hotel restaurant as a waitress perfect I copied the address and the name of the hotel.

I wore a casual look dress I put on some flats finally I rolled my hair in two cute doughnuts I picked a mini school bag, and off I went it was damn hard looking for the place adding to the fact I didn know anywhere because I was new. I taught bit was a small organization but getting there my mouth dropped wide open on top of the gate was written ”DIAMOND STONE PLACE ” this place really looks like diamond even the security were dressed like they own the place, securities were everywhere moving to and fro I came to a door the door slides open on its own I saw a receptionist

”Good day ” I greeted she looked up ”hi how may I help you ” she asked.

”I saw your job vacancy in the net so I came to apply if its its still open ” I said ”em yeah please wait a minute ” she said as she picked up a phone ”please go inside by the first bar tend he will take you there ” she said ”thanks ” I said and walked away, I scanned the room and saw the first bar tend

”Hi ” I greeted, he turned to look at me

”How may I help you ” he asked

”Em the receptionist said I should come meet you, I wanna apply for the job vacancy ” I said. His eyes scanned my body as if looking for something then finally it stopped right on my lips, I was getting uncomfortable already

”Come with me ” he said as I followed him ”my name is Daniel nice meeting you ” he introduced ”nice meeting you too ” I replied nonchalantly

”Ain you gonna tell me your name ” he asked ”yeah maybe some other time ” I replied ”wooh you
e harsh ” he said as he smiled

We got to the office after walking along a single hallway ”go in ” he said as he turned back.

I entered the office a good looking woman with brown eyes and red hair which she parked into a high ponytail two strings were falling on her face no doubt she isn beautiful, I stood there waiting for her to tell me to sit, she finally raised her head up ”ooh please sit, whats your name ” she asked with a smile

”Am jollie kyomi Scott ” I replied ”what nice name youve got ” she said ”am yin, so what are you here for ” she asked inquiring ”maam I just came to ask if the job vacancy is still open ”I asked ” yeah you can have it since no one is coming again and besides I like you, you might not be like the other girls ”she said, I can believe my I got the job just like that ” thanks maam ”I said really happy.

She wrote something on a paper and handle it to me ” and before I forget you have to always be on your uniforms, give that to the receptionist she knows what to do with it ” ”yes maam ” I replied and left the office.

Some group of people walked past me,they were mostly in suit, I kinda noticed everybody stood until they walked past, a guy was in the middle but I couldn really see his face, finally they walked past ”the sheet of paper ” I remembered, I quickly took it to the receptionist I didn even care about taking a look ”em the manager said I should give this to you ” I said as I strached it to her ”okay ” she took it then she said after looking at it ”when coming tomorrow you
e talking your uniforms from me, here have this its your work schedule and rotation ” thanks ”I said as I waved her good bye. I walked out of the premises this place is damn beautiful, I took a snap of it and left for home.

I got home iris wasn in and nobody was too, I am the only one here again, thinking of what to do how bout I make dinner for everyone, just as I was about getting started iris called

”Babe I won be coming home today am staying at westlys sleep tight okay, I already sent your class schedule to your mail, I love you bye ” she said as the line went down, so I just made food for myself. I don even think skyler millie or kaira are coming home too, so I just went to bed after a cold shower.


Am damn tired but I still need to stop by a few more places, I walked into the hotel my guards did their best to push fans away I wish I could just do everything once and for all, I walked into the office the door was opened by a guard, I didn even care to look at who was in the room or not, I went ahead to…..

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