This isn exactly a love story, but more of a sister against a sister. Ill be honest I have ZERO ideas about how long this story will be, and because Im still in high school I will not always be able to update so please try and be patient with me. Once again I am in Highschool still so my grammar won always be perfect but Ill try to make them good enough.


Two sisters used to be the best of friends but when their friendship and family are challenged they have to get along, help each other, and even fight for/against each other in order to save the world and their family.

They will find love but lets hope that doesn get in the way or put too much trust in anyone but each other, because if they do, it might just be their downfall.

Two sisters against each other, soon to find out who they really are, but can these sisters change their fates? or will their familys hate overpower them?

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