“I Hate You”

Chapter 1 ~Drama~

The claws of a black claw dripping with blood stretched towards Alice as she ran, but it was no use. The hand lifted and then slammed down on her! Alice woke up, gasping and looking around frantically. she breathed as she realized where she was, she recognized the plain tan walls full of posters of the band ”Falling back ” and the lead singer Atley Foster. She had a bad feeling though and decided to get up and get a snack, she opened her door and went into the hallway. She opens the door to the pantry and pulls out some chips, she closed the door, turned around then jumped as a rat ran over her feet. She sighed and mumbled ”When dad gets back Ill ask him if he can help me get rid of the rats ” then she started to walk back to her room when she heard shuffling out back and decided to check it out. She peaked through the window of the back door and she froze and did a small gasp, what she saw was her sister burying her boyfriend!?

She dropped her chips, stepped back, and tripped on another rat trying to run away. She cursed under her breath but then felt her heart stop as she saw the back door slowly open to reveal her sister, holding a knife with still-fresh blood dripping from the tip. Alice let a nervous but shaky laugh leave her lips and said ”H-hey sis, what are ya doing out there? ” Her sister just stared at her for a moment, then giggled, then chuckled, then burst out laughing as if she had just heard the funniest joke in her life. She finally caught her breath and looked down at Alice, ”You got three seconds ”

Alice got up and ran so fast she thought she would pass out, behind her she heard her sister laugh and yell ”Three!! ” Alice started to hate the fact that they live in a big house. Alice tried to go for the front door but her sister was on the track team for a reason, so she pushed her sister away from the door just as she stabbed the door, Why did she push me then stab? Alice thought, but her body moved faster than her thoughts because she ran straight for the stairs leading to the second floor. She ran up 20 steps, turned her head around, and saw her sister running towards her. Alice jumped and ran to the left hall and ran as fast as she could, she then saw the crafting room and thought that maybe she could protect herself with something in there.

Her sister knocked on the crafts room door and said ”Oh dear sister~ please come out~ ” Alice didn respond and stayed silent. Her sister laughed and barged the door down, looked around then was surprised by Alice when she tackled her and held a pair of scissors to her, ”Enough is enough! Whats wrong with you tonight? we use to be best friends but lately, you have been distant and now this!? what the hell ”

Her sister let out some sobs, relaxed her hand on the knife, and began to cry a bit, ”I-Im sorry Alice, I-I don know whats going on with me ” Alice relaxed a bit but little did she know, she just made the smallest but biggest mistake of her life. Her sister grinned, and lifted her knee hard, catching Alice off guard and kicking her off. Alice hit her head against the wall and when she looked up her sister lunged at her with the scissors in her left hand and the knife in her right hand. Alice yelled her sisters name before she was slashed in the eye and stabbed in the leg.

”Amy why!! ”

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