“I Hate You”

Chapter 2 ~Nightmares~

I touched my blind eye and sighed, it had only been a month since ”The secret deal ” had been made and Im still scared of…. ”Her ”. Yet she had to sit right in front of me this year!? My luck these days are horrible, I sat down where I always am and sighed as she sat down, ”Why are you always sighing silly ” She giggled, and as she spoke, I shivered from head to toe and was almost full of goosebumps. ”Just bored… ” Answered and she rolled her eyes smiling ”Then go to bed earlier geez ”, I smiled nervously ”y-yea your right ”. Even though the reason I was up was that I was afraid to fall asleep cause of her. After class, I started to go to the cafeteria before Amy caught up to me and asked if I could buy her lunch, but as I started to notice everyone is staring at her AND ME!!!?? She saw me looking around and she hugged me saying ”I love you sister ” And you could hear some whispering and I sighed saying ”Fine Ill buy you lunch ”, She jumped a bit saying thank you as we went to the student store.

Now Amy has a job but to keep up her ”Innocent kind ” act she has to give it to charity is what her agent said, and yes….my sister is a model.

Bought her lunch and got myself some looking around for, ~Sabrina~. a girl I have known for 3 years now and have liked for 2 1/2 years, she saw me and jumped into my arms into a hug, ”After-noon! ” Laughed hugging her back and putting her down. Once we sat down, with her brother Sebastian, she started to tell us about her boyfriend, John, and how he said he wanted to tell her something at lunch, that is until she stopped and saw him. She went over and hugged him before he lightly took her off him ”Im…Im breaking up with you. ”

Sabrinas face turned from happy, to mad, to just straight sad within 5 seconds ”W-what do you mean…why? ” He looked back and looked at my sisters table smiling, ”Cause I like Amy Angel, and shes prettier than you ”. I was so close to slamming him on the table and beating him black and blue, I NEVER liked him, but before I could get up Sabrinas brother punched him, and a fight broke out. I knew that Id get in trouble if I barged in and plus its Amys thing to stop the fight, so I grabbed Sabrina and let her, and led her to the hall and let her cry into my shoulder for the whole rest of lunch.


I lay on my bed right as I got home, and I zoned out for apparently an hour because when I snapped out of it my sister was at the door with her new ”Boyfriend ” and I was almost happy for a second that it was Josh himself.

”Hey Alice looks at who my new boyfriend is ” She giggles and as John sees me, he looks me up and down for a second and says, ”Ah yes, Sabrinas friend ” He smiles and I glare at him ”Uh-huh ”, they go to Amys room to ”Hangout ” while I do my homework and write a chapter of the book Im writing. Later that night though I felt something crawl into my bed and when I looked it was john who pinned me to the bed ”Hello sexy~ ”, I growl and tell him to get off but he didn so I struggled, and he just would lick my neck and snicker at my weak struggles. ”Your so cute like this~ Wonder what you look like underneath~ ”, I tried to scream but he then covered my mouth and slapped me ”Shut the ** up ” He started to feel me, and I started to panic and think ”Not again, not again, not again ” A tear fell as I muffled a small word ”Amy…Help ”.

My eyes shot open and I suddenly had the strength to force my knees up, in between his legs, and spread his legs, getting him off balance then ramming my head as hard as I could into his. One of his hands released my wrist to hold his head and as soon as one hand was free, I grabbed him by his throat and pushed him off me then I pinned him to the bed, sat on him, then angled my legs behind myself so that my legs trapped his in place. I panted from Anxiety and glared down at him, he just smirked and I so badly wanted to beat that smirk off his stupid smug face. ”What now angel?~, ” he said in an annoyingly calm, I gritted my teeth and he grinned ”Just so you remember your place, I can easily blame you and make up a story ” I stopped and thought for a moment then tightened my fist and ran to the door. I grabbed the handle and was about to open the door when Johns hand slammed against the door, I froze and John leaned down and whispered in my ear ”I also know what your sister does~ and if her secret gets out she will get to go into an electric chair while you only get to suffer in jail for not throwing her under the bus, You will get to rot in jail and remember how her death was all your fault~ so what will it be hm?~ ”

The next day wasn any better, however, I of course avoided everyone but Sabrina who told me, over text, how much she cried after deleting her ”Couple ” photos of John, and in my head, Im thinking ”Trust me youll hate him if I tell you… ”, ”If, ” I tell her. She probably won believe me anyway though, so Ill keep it to myself as I did 5 years ago from my mom. I walked to school after I made and printed a fake doctors note and turned it in like always it was believed and put in my files. When I sat at my desk in 3rd period, I stared out the window till the lunch bell rang and didn hear anything the teacher said tell she said something about a quiz, and I groaned with everyone else and mumbled ”Great studying ” then the lunch bell rang, and I left faster than a girl screaming bloody murder from a crazy dog.

The next day I isolated myself in my room until my parents made me go to school, I wouldn blame them because they didn know that I had just been…touched last night so I listened and went. At lunch Sabrina was happy and I could tell she was faking so I hugged her when the tears showed a bit. Only 5 min passed and Amy with ”John ” came over, John stared at me for a sec, or lower than my face, and I glared turning away ”Hey Alice hows your eye ”, I flinched when she said that cause she knew that I can say ”It bled for the 50th time earlier because of how bad YOU cut me ”, so instead I said ” it bled a bit last night but just fine ”, She smiled and looked at Sabrina while John stared at Amys chest (Bleh), and Amy really loved Sabrina, in a different way, and she had remembered what happened and told John to go for now. After John went away like an obedient puppy Amy hugged Sabrina, ”I know what happened sweetie, and I promise Im going to get revenge for you ok? ”.

After hearing that Sabrina looked shocked at her then…Hugged Amy, Amy grinned at me secretly and I knew damn well what I should say next time she asks about my eye, and to not hesitate this time. She hugged her a bit tight and let her go after mouthing to me ”Watch it or your Angel is mine ”, then she smiled at Sabrina and walked away. ”Your sister is so nice, Im glad you both are my friends ”, hearing that…. that word coming out of her mouth about Amy and especially me…made me lose my appetite, and I excused myself saying I need to get stuff from my locker before the next class in 20 min. After I left from the corner of my eye there was John coming towards me and I pretended to not see him as I went to the girls restrooms and hid in a stall with my feet up. I heard someone come in and under my stall on the other side were Johns white shoes, he knocked whispering ”Little pig~ little pig let me in~ ” I said nothing, being too scared and frozen to say anything. He went under and stared down at me but right as he was fully in the stall, I kicked him, unlocked the stall, and ran out, but I wasn fast enough, and he pulled my hair, yanking me back, and covered my mouth whispering ”Got you piggy~ ”. I thought it was over but then I remembered Sabrina and bit his hand hard until it bled, he yelped in pain letting me go, I ran out of the bathroom, ran out the main school doors, and hid in my favorite bush. After finally catching my breath I calmed myself down by looking at the big -Hollow inside- the rose bush I always hide in….it was so pretty inside, full of some roses that got pushed back into rot. I pick one up that was dying and whispered, ”you
e like me Alone, dying, and afraid ” I plucked it and kissed it before crushing it ”There. I ended your suffering. maybe someday you can do the same for me ”.


I lay in my bed awake and sigh just reading ”Into the forest ”, one of my favorite books because it has murder, secrets, and a bit of love. And its about a girl who can tell anyone her true secret or she will die, like me, I start crying a bit and didn realize mum was home and she heard and saw me cry, so she went up to me and asked what was wrong as she sat with me at my bedside.

”Whats wrong? ” she asked in her sweet as candy, but serious as a military officer, ”Nothing ” I tried but she knew I was lying and told me that if I tell her that she will tell me what her new book is about. I had writers block recently so I gave in just so I could get some ideas, ”I just miss being a kid, nothing much to worry about, no matured, nothing but giggles ”. she smiled sweetly and hugged me saying ”Everyone grows up Hun, its how life is, full of hate, sadness, and even secrets ” you could say that again I thought ”but we all grow, doesn mean we don grow out of our laughs though, we can stay the same as long as we
e smart and tell the truth when its something bad ”, she looked me in the eye and I knew, that she knew I was hiding something. I sigh knowing I can keep it any longer. ” John threatens to kill me if I told anyone that he tried to **** me. ” What! ” She stood and grabbed me by my shoulders ”who did you say did this ” she was pissed, I got scared, and she calmed down, put me down, and asked ”Im sorry. Now, who said that stuff to you ”. I inhaled and told her that he was about to **** me, but I kicked him in the balls so hard he could barely move, but he locked the door, so I just pointed my knife at him, and he said ”fine Ill leave you little shit! But if u tell anyone. Ill kill you ”, I stared down at my feet for a second, but after a while, she stood again and said, ”Im going to go talk to that boy for a bit ” I was about to protest being kind of scared, but she shushed me ”Ill just tell him I saw it on our secret cameras ” she made that finger motion that meant we didn really have cameras at all. She left my room and I heard her go into Amys room where John was, I didn want to hear any of it, so I put music in my ears. I sighed thinking back to when I was 10, my mom saved me so many times after I had gotten into so much trouble so many times.

After an hour I heard police sirens, but I also heard my door swing open as a crazy John ran at me with a knife, I jumped and rolled out of the way and tripped him then apprehended him, putting his arms behind his back, and taking the knife. The cops came in the house and I yelled ”Hes in here officers ” they walked in and at first thought, I was the killer for a sec but saw that I was holding down a male and the knife was under my foot safely away from us both, ”Can you moved the knife to us so we can make sure- ” I didn need to be told I kicked it gently enough so it bumped one of their feet, and they nodded at the boy and the other two cops got him after he tried to grab me once I got off. ”So, can you tell me what happened? ” I nodded and told him about what John said to me and he took notes as I talked. ”thank you for your time miss, he won bother you again ” I nodded thanking him back as he left and laid back sighing heavily, if only it were that easy to deal with Amys thing…and maybe my own.

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