tealy brownies

my new friend

[mental illnesses traumas]

brownie had very few friends

they were judged by others because they always said what they were thinking

and sometimes that drove others away

because they had a very screwed up mind

but they weren a bad person

they were just broken

they just wanted a another friend

but it was hard to make another one

but one day they were able to make a friend


they first asked if they wanted to have matching pfps

and they agreed and thats how they became besties

they talked to them until they fell asleep

during that time they told them everything

how they thought they would find a friend who would match with them

and that their old friends weren online anymore and that they didn have the best reputation

that they were weird because they didn eat like a normal person [eating disorder]

their parents were divorced

that they were glad they had their mom now

they asked why and they told them

their father abused them and thier mother

[hes in jail now]

that they were struggling alot with their identity

they had always thought that they were one thing which was a bi girl- but they weren sure

because sometimes they want to be the opposite gender and other times they didn

and they often would switch between them

and not long ago they found out that they were genderfluid and with their Sexuality

they found out that they were open to more people which was known as omni

they never had heard of it until they had asked what they might be and their friend suggested it to them and they looked it up it fit well

(omni is a person who accepts everyone equally and loves all Sexualities and genders)

they also told there new friend that they didn really want a sexual relationship

when they asked what their personal preference was

and they responded

”so you
e a omni ace cool ”

but brownie wanted to clear the misunderstanding

”Im not ace though I have a lot of sexual thoughts and get horny alot- But I rather it only happen in my imagination

I couldn have that actually happen ”

because they had ptsd from it

which they told them

”sorry was that too much? ”

they didn respond right away so they got scared

”guess Ill wait- ”

”hey can I call something other than you
e user name like a nickname? ”

finally a reply came

”sorry if I went offline its like 6 am here

also sure you can me me whatever you like ”

they asked if they were alright

”Yeah but everytime I see her I get horny- ”

brownie replied

”then I suggest you cut ties with her so it doesn trigger your ptsd ” they replied

”its hard to do when shes my grandmothers best friends granddaughter ” brownie replied

”maybe tell someone about it ” they replied

”I already did my two close girl friends-

they told me it wasn a good relationship

but I wasn able to believe it until two years later and I was sort of in denial about the relationship being toxic

Im glad the relationship is over

but i get jealous when she has a boyfriend-

but lets talk about something less emotional ” brownie replied

and she always gets a new one!

”alright then how about we talk again tomorrow? its too early and I can

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