tealy brownies

I\'m sick but I\'m glad you\'re here

when brownie woke up

they got a text- from tealy

it had been a full 5 years and they were still talking to this day- as besties nothing more

but things were going to change

”Im here- I just got off the plane- should I come over or are you coming to pick me up? ” tealy replied

”sassy now are you? you really have grown-

and Ill give you my address- ” they replied

so they did and twenty minutes later

there was a knock at the door

brownie got up and opened the door

and when he saw him- he felt his heart beat

oh no hes hot

this is too much like a dream!

”hey brownie- are you alright? ” tealy replied

”Yeah Im good its just so hard to believe that you
e really here- ” he replied

”Yeah- this is surreal for me too- I didn think I would meet you- ” Tealy replied

”So how did you imagine me? ” he replied

”Well you aren too far off from what I imagined- and you
e kinda cute- ” tealy replied

”ha- you really think Im cute?- and you do have those blue-green eyes I imagined- ” he replied

”what else did you imagine of me? ” tealy replied

brownie could only inwardly scream

they wanted to answer honestly but at the same time-

”that you wore glasses and in the dream-

It was like a cliche romance high-school movie- I crashed into you- you caught me in your arms and helped me up and helped me pick up my books and offered me to have lunch with you after class and I agreed

we had lunch together under a tree

– and you walked me home- and I invited you over- so you came in and we went to my room- ” he stopped himself before he could say that part-

”we went into your room? ” tealy replied

I am f*cked-

”Yeah- to hang out of course- ” he lied

”Oh cool- then can we go to your room then? ” tealy replied


”um- can I have a hug first? ” he replied

”Yeah sure ” tealy replied

tealy hugged him

brownie felt warm in his embrace

and he didn want him to let go

he hugged him back tight

tealy petted his head

brownie liked it- he had always imagined something like this but he believed that it would never happen-

brownie leaned in basking in his scent

- ”mmm you smell like spearmint- ” he replied

tealys eyes widen and he let out a laugh

brownie pulled back and blushed immediately

”theres nothing to worry about- you can be yourself- and I think you
e adorable-

and I really smell like spearmint? ” tealy replied

”Yeah and what- do I smell like? ” he replied

”I don know come here let me smell you- ” tealy replied

”Pfft- thats the weirdest thing Ive ever been asked to do- but sure- its only fair ” he replied

he went back into his arms

tealy smelled his hair and his back

”you smell like roses- and cherries-and chocolate? and fresh baked brownies ” Tealy replied

”you got all that- from my hair and my body? ” he replied

”I don like what you
e implying at the end there- ” Tealy replied

”I wasn implying anything- do you have a dirty mind now tealy? ” he replied

not that my thoughts are pure

the are 100% dirty

”I-I- hey! you
e the one with a dirty mind! ” tealy shouted

”am I now? so- does that mean you saw through me? ” he replied

”huh? what you talking about? ” tealy replied

”uh- Nothing!- I wasn thinking anything strange!- ” He shouted

”you know what ever it is I won judge you- ” tealy replied

”don say something like that when you don know what you
e talking about- ” he replied

”I don know because you won tell me- ” Tealy replied

well I was insanely obsessed with you-

and I imagined things that I shouldn have

– the reason I didn call the guy I told you about was because- I was already so deeply in love with you- and I wanted to be with you-

and I always imagined meeting you and making out- and then—– one thing would lead to another- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

bad brownie bad brownie! hes right infront of you! thats just a fantasy!

”maybe I could make that fantasy a reality ”

tealy replied

in his imagination

”brownie? are you ok? you zoned out there- ” tealy replied

”Im fine- I wasn fantasizing about you! ” He shouted

”fantasizing about me? ” tealy replied

brownies eyes widen

f*ck Im screwed– Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

”I-I wasn thinking anything perverted! ” He shouted

Im done for-

brownie ran off and dove into his bed

hes going to hate me! Im not innocent!

Im so f*cked up- and I couldn stop having those thoughts!- and I think Im hard right now!

Im still a horny bastard!

I haven changed! I want him so badly-

but I know thats just a fantasy-

tealy watched as brownie rolled on his bed

”its alright brownie- what are you so scared of? ” tealy replied

brownies eyes widen

the feeling of dread-.—-

Im doomed

”I don want you to hate me but Im not the person you think I am- Im a f*cking pervert-

and I want you to f*ck me! there are you happy? ” he replied

”Oh- so you
e just horny? ” tealy replied

”Im not just horny!- its always you I imagine!

and now you being here is making it worse!

and Im so scared because- this feels like a dream- and you always f*ck me!- or suck my cock-or put your fingers in my a**-

I want you so badly it drives me crazy- ” he replied

”you know- that- our feelings are mutual?

and I want to f*ck you- ” tealy replied

brownies eyes widen

”You-You– WHAT?! I not dreaming am I?! ” He shouted

”I- maybe I shouldn have said that- ” tealy replied

”don go anywhere!- you can get out of this!

f*ck me dammit! ” He shouted

”I-I- brownie- calm down- I do want to do it but-

now isn the right time- ” tealy replied

”Why not?!- Ive been waiting so long for this to happen- unless- am I going to get pregnant?! ” He shouted

tealy let out a laugh

”where did you get that crazy idea?- guys can get pregnant- ” Tealy replied

”But I wasn always a guy! and I just became one! – Ive been a girl for most of my life so its definitely possible!- Trans men can get pregnant! ” He shouted

”I don think- you would get pregnant if- I did it in your a**- ” tealy replied

”right- the omegaverse isn real- but- you could still get me pregnant– I mean I don want it now but maybe In the future- ” he replied

”what? omegaverse? and you want to get pregnant? ” Tealy replied

”Yeah- and Ill explain the omegaverse to you another day- but its always been a fantasy of mine- I mean I know it could have happened before but- I wrote and read so much Mpreg I wanted it to be a reality- ” he replied

”what the heck-you
e really strange-but I still like you- ” tealy replied

”You do?- ” he replied

”I love you- ” Tealy replied

but those words were a lie

and he was dumb enough to believe them

no one could love someone like them

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