1Demon King Castle Assault Operation

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My name is Alexander.

This might sound crazy but, I wanted to let you know how I died.

That day―― Panhumanity Alliance launched an ambush toward the demon king castle.

We were colluding with our friendly dragon and infiltrating into the demon territory from a high altitude.

A few heroes including me and a few elites of each race were forming a team to infiltrate the demon king’s castle, our aim was ganging up on the demon king when he was by himself.

―― It sounds like there was no problem in this plan but it was ultimately an assassination plan.

Moreover, whether this plan was a success or a failure, the whole team had literally zero hope of returning alive.

The reason why we had to rely on this tactic showed just how much the Panhuman alliance had been cornered.

Though we were travelling so high in the sky to the point that someone might freeze to death, we weren’t intercepted and the entire team managed to infiltrate the castle safely.

The battle in the demon king castle was severe.

Though the demon race was flustered at first when a group of heroes suddenly descended from the sky, they quickly got a grip on themself and started the counterattack.

Archdemon(Top Brass of Demon Race, Vampire Lord whose strength is rivalling the progenitor vampire, Lich who hides enormous an amount of mana, and countless royal guards of the demon race――

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I didn’t even want to remember the battle of that day.

Few heroes and my other comrades fell in the midst of those chaotic battles.

Nevertheless, I don’t know if it was because we were lucky or not, we managed to reach the demon king’s place.

The haughty king of the Demon Race.

He even greeted us upon our arrival into the throne room.

Different from humans, for the demon race, strength was everything.

In short, the demon king was the strongest combat mage of the demon race.

Our assault team’s exhaustion aside, that fella was simply――

―― way too powerful.

「Not bad, heroes.」

The demon king spoke nonchalantly as he gripped me-who was already on the verge of death-by my neck.

Overwhelming physical strength.
A gargantuan amount of mana that cancelled all kinds of magic intervention.
Which combined with the heretic art which he learned from a contract with the devil――『Soul Eater』.

The demon king became stronger every time my comrades died.

As a result, more and more of my comrades had died.

The battle turned into a nightmarish slaughter.

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