’s remark and lastly, she bowed in silence toward me.

I might be weaker but, I shall give my life to you.
Please take care of me.」[TL : Waifu Get!!]

I got a subordinate with a heavy feeling…

Though I nodded at her, I signalled with my eyes to Platy, asking for an explanation.

「White tiger clan are a minor clan of beastfolks who are sheltered by our Reiju clan.
We saved them from human persecution at the dawn of the demon kingdom.
Since then, they pledged their allegiance toward our Reiju clan for generations.」
「Yes! We’re saved from the human who hunt us for our fur!」

Garounya added with a lively voice while brushing her fluffy, white fur.

… The destroyed countries in the western part of the continent often clashed with the beastfolk country, and that’s why the humans over there used to persecute the beastfolk but…

I could only look at the young and cheerful beastfolk girl with a complicated look on my face.

Platy who had no idea about my state of mind opened her mouth again.

「White tiger clan’s loyalty is real, Jilbagias.
From here on, Garounya will never betray you, or double-cross you.
If there are unscrupulous people who tried to manipulate her to betray you, she will act in accordance with her pledge of allegiance toward you and commit suicide.」
「Yes! I shall gouge out my heart with my own claws before I betray master!」

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Garounya affirmed her loyalty with the same lively voice as before.

「Our pride lies in our loyalty.
Loyalty is the reason why our clan prospered for a long time.」

Stop, don’t jinx yourself.

「I shall serve as your attendant with whole-hearted devotion!」

This girl must be trained to act like it was a normal thing to do, right?

「White tiger clan will never betray you.
And as a beastfolk, their magic resistance is low as well… When push comes to shove, she’s prepared for you for that situation.」

—You know what I mean, right? Platy was smiling meaningfully as if she said so at the end of her speech.

Low magic resistance.
In short―― She was an easy target for 【Transpose Curse】.

So that was the main reason for the Reiju clan to shelter them.
Their loyalty was absolute, they would take their own life if someone was trying to use them, and they were willing to take any illness or wound when push comes to shove.
Sure enough… they’re the most convenient beastfolk clan to be used by the Reiju clan!

「How you treat her is up to you, Jilbagias.
You can learn how to handle your subordinate from her.
Garounya, if there’s something that you feel is wrong, tell Jilbagias about it.
You have the privilege to do that due to your loyalty to him.」
「Understood! Thank you very much!」
「… Well then, we have a mountain of things to do today.」

Platy heaved a sigh and looked a bit more relaxed than before.

… Yup.
I mean, we returned to the demon king castle with the dragon right after I returned from Hell, and learnt about lineage magic after a brief rest.

「I’ll make arrangements for you to learn about Orgi clan’s lineage magic.
You may take a rest for now, Jilbagias.」

Thus, Platy who came like a storm was also leaving like a storm.

Leaving behind a gift for me, my white tiger attendant―― Garounya.

「Anyhow, congratulation in learning your lineage magic, Jilbagias-sama.」

Sofia, who was standing by in the corner of the room, came closer and congratulated me.

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Garounya followed after Sofia to congratulate me.


Ante in me had also brazenly sent her congratulations.

I guess things are gonna get hectic again… In addition to my educator, Sofia, I got an attendant as a bonus.

「… Best regards, Garounya.
Sorry but, I’ve to ask you for something.」
「Yes! Master, what’s your order?」

Garounya was tilting her head as she asked me while her ears were moving on their own.

「Please prepare a meal for me.
And a bath.」

After replying so, Garounya went and told another maid who was standing outside of the room.

… I’ll do my best to avoid the situation in which I had to sacrifice her.

I’ll do everything and anything to kill the demon king, and destroy the demon kingdom but―― As expected, even the toughest hero needs a brief respite.

For now, I want to have a warm meal, hot bath, and peaceful sleep without all of those worries.

… I should’ve at least be allowed to do that, right?

『The heck, sleeping already? I want to stroll around the demon king castle first though.』

Tomorrow, please.

…C’mon, am I not even allowed to have a peaceful sleep now?

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