I am off to school mum. OK darling.

li nina went in the car

ma, good morning, good morning I replied

I went to school but was surprised to what was awaiting for me

I came down from the car and went into my class.

I noticed that guy what is his name seth said sibain my friend are you sure

yes he was looking at me

really sibain said

yes doing class he was staring at me

do you mean that cute seth that all girl have cush on was looking at you.

um mm

the bell rang

time to go home I will see you tomorrow I said I was about to leave when someone drag me

it was seth .

yes what is it

hmm I want to tell you something said seth

what is it

I like you said seth

I was stunned .

what do you mean stop joking

am not I really like you said Seth. do you ?

hmm I also like you i mean you
e so handsome every girl likes you so.

that was not my question, do you like me can

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