we be boyfriend and girlfriend.


is he serious he just walk up to me and said I like u now he is asking me if I like him . I do have cush on him but I promise to forced on my studies so am sorry I said then left him I went straight into my car and told the driver to move . I felt heartbroken but I have to for the sake of both of us


I was heartbroken I don think I will be able to see her cause I will feel hurt that my first love turn me down I apply for a new school.

a new after

Nina , seth is not in school.

yes your right I will ask his friend.

I asked his friend there told me he is heartbroken and does not want to see me .

after school I went to his house. I met is mom

I asked her about seth she told me he is in his room. she asked if I was the one that left him heartbroken I felt bad , I think so after that I went to his room.

Seth Seth I called out to him the room was dark .

thanks for reading

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