nd knock on it, and in the deep of the woods is the Hybrid leader Durlan Shavyre, ” Dybird its a baby. said, Ye Gengxin. ” we need to get rid of it now before it grows up, said. Prince, ” not a threat yet, said, Durlan, the butter open the door to lead us in the house, he closed the door behind us, and take us to the Governor, ” sir the Shamrocks, I laughed, ” oh you think our group name funny, Snowman kissed me on my cheek, ” I am Richard Slice Kent, my brothers Fred Snownan Kent, and Jericho Spike Kent, my daughter Clover Gaberella Kent, we heard you got a huge Hybrid issue that needs to be taken care of, sai, Slice, ” nice to meet you all I am Govenor Hancock, it happen a few days ago when he appeared here, he put on the tape, ” buildings start to appear in the city, and people start to disappear, we have a population of 89499# of people, now we are at 4000# people, that not even the half of it, he told us, I start to cry, ” shh, shh, I know Clove he bad news, what is the other half, asked. Snowman, ” the kids disappear and reappeared changed start turning on their parents, those are not changed or turn are scared to leave the house, I don know what to do. you got to help me Shamrocks, whatever you need a name, whatever the price is say it, just make this stop. he begged. ” a course, this is an overnight hunt you all agree? asked. Slice, ” good for Clove to see how we operator, a stalk and peep in one of their buildings, said. Snowman, ” and how we hunt to and follow, those who are turn to the hive, he going after the children, and the children are going after their parents, said, Spike, I made a sound as agree, they laughed, ” okay I glad you agree with us Clover, they walked up to him, ” we got you here, make an announcement which is a curfew call, we going to need a place to stayed and used as a base, said, Slice, ” food and drinks too, said. Snowman, ” and a box of diapers for the little one here, and crib if you have any of those things, said. Spike, ” you can stay here there are extra rooms here, my butler will show you to your rooms and bring you what you ask, thank you Shamrocks, ” no problem Mr. Govenor, Shamrocks lets unload and get set up, we unpack the cars and set up our equipment in our room, the butler bring in us the crib and box of diapers, let them know that dinner will be ready soon, ” sting operation we find one of their major buildings and set up monitor cameras, sting two, stalk out and wait for the childrens and parents, sting three take them out, you and Clover set up the cameras, we get the downstairs and outside set up, first cut the fire walls and cameras around the mansion, we cut them on, and set out,

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