ground and dead, ” sh*t Slice your ex f*cking wife, (we are on the way Clove, come out if you must only if you must,) they turn around and head back to the castle, i grab her and pull her into the garage, and closed the doot and unlocked, I take my vest off and turn, I burst through the window attacking onewho is coming through, they pulled upand ran in the house, they fire at them, ” Clove duck, i thought i said if you must! said, Spike, ” this is if you must, Clove duck now, i duck, ” Dybrid. said a voice, got my attention wolf, its on, ” don you even think about it Clover stay put now, they back off in ran into the woods, i turn back, they walked up, ” he want you to follow, you be on there grounds, not yours, said. Slice, ” what rule one of hunting, ” never play to there hands, i put my vest back on, ” you be in the dark, Clove no, so what if he knows what you are, long as he doesn know your name, baby you did good holding off, said. Spike, ” that is our ace, size you outnumber, he could be bigger and stronger than you. said, Snowman, ” they came from the woods that means, ” yes the nest is five minutes from us, we have a werewolves infestation, where is my ex at? asked. Slice, ” woohoo! that means we take care of this problem before going to a new task, said. Spike, we walked back in the house, five miles in the woods and in the mansion, ” the humans got a freaking Dybrid Cronos, said. Jandar, ” she cocky and she comes to her death, said. Meng, ” this is a joke, she can nearly be as massive as us, a Dybrid what a laugh, said, Ceasar, ” do everything serious must be a laughed to you, said. Jandar, they were about fur off, ” pipe down, like I said, we keep attacking make them weak when the time is right take them out one by one, said. Cronos, back at the castle, ” who is she, Richard, what is going on. she cries, my attention is on the woods, ” Clove come here, I walked up to him, ” let it go, they like getting under your skin, said. Snowman, ” they behind us uncle Snowman, ” we know, we going to take them out, the way to get to the dogs, not meaning you C, taken out their buildings, one by one. said, Spike. ” she is my adopted daughter, you own her thank you because she saved your life, Clover suit up we go out looking for the dogs, hey baby girl forget it you not going in those woods, let it go, please. he hugged her, ”we make him pay for calling you out, go get in your gear, you two, we head up the steps, ” she locked me in the garage, how come i never met here, ” they didn see you, here is some money pack up go out of town and stay away, do not come back, this is the real world now, there are monsters that will kill you or turn you, we are hunters to protected people like you, Clover one, with love, training, and guidance everyone tame t make her until a hunter, yes we do to let her turn in less she has no option like now, you were locked in so she won hear your heart beats or smell your blood, I do not need that side we need the side we got, leave us alone, never come back. said, Slice.

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