the house, it shouldn be this easy, my animal is picking something up, as I stop at the door, they turn around and walked up to me. ” what you got Clove, asked. Snowman, ” this was too easy, their buildings are usually guarded, I said, ” yeah we been case! I pull out my sword and they pull out their guns, we looked around, the smell of urine, they marked their territory, ” crap we been marked, said. Spike, ” and so are they, lets get to work, we went to set up the cameras and cut them on,they activated all seven cameras, this do not making feel any easier here, my sensing is going nuts, you know that feeling when something is not right, you know when something is about to happen, that is the feeling I had, they didn work us to say your mines. ” they coming, I said. ” Clove relax they are probably at their building. said, Spike, I starting to turn I take my vest off and ran out the door and stick my sword in the ground, ” she wouldn be turning if she wasn pick up on an attack Snowman the banister, we got her cover with the machine guns, he picks up his M-17 and clock it ran up the steps and got in front of the window, cut his laser lens on, they got at the machine guns, you can see their eyes. ” let them come to us Clover please baby girl stay where you are, begged, Slice. the massive attack they ran out of the woods getting cut in half by the forcefields, and bing take out, I grab one and snap its neck, they aiming at their hearts and heads, this is an ongoing war, they set for this to happen. I roar out big and loud, letting them know who was the top animal here, a car pulled up at the castle, same smell her, I dimorph into my human self, ” she back, I on it, I pull out my sword, ” (how many times do we have to the b#tch to stay away!?) asked. Snowman, ” ( help Clover she heading around the front we got the back cover,) he jumps down landing on his feet, he opens the door and starts to fire at them, they come from the side, I cut them down, and cut their heads off, ” what you thinking it not safe here, pop bear doesn want you back, leave now, ” you not getting more money, so get lose, Snowman told her, she didn see the one was sneaking up on her, I stick my sword in the ground, ” go take him down Clove you got my permission to change again, I turn into a Dybrid and jump over on it, it was a cat and dog fight, ” where is Ryan out I need to talk with him! he hit her knocking her out putting her back in the car and pushing it away, ” Clove!? (some point you will need to deal with so she can get the point that you can protect her and hunt at the same time,) said. Snowman,

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