the drawbacks of powers

the butcher finds the pyro

”oi shigi its time for ya food. ” the guard bangs his baton on the cell bars ”yeah Ill be there soon. ” shigi drops a pebble on the floor. shigi walks over to the bars and the guard opens the slot to give him his food tray but as he passes it ”ha thank you but Im sorry for doing this. ” ”huh? ” shigi grabs his wrists and bashes his head against the cell knocking him out. shigi taps on the wall allowing him to see the whole room ”theres the weak spot. ” shigi punches the weak spot making the whole cell wall break. shigi takes a deep breath ”ah I missed that good old smell of fresh air now time to try and normalize into society. ”

”so Frank hows are ya sister doing? ” James questions Frank ”James Im not letting you date my sister. ” ”aww come on shes an adult let her make her choices. ” the two pause in the middle of the street ”the day Ill let you date my sister is when you get superpowers! ” Frank pokes his chest ”thats low Frank how about we just forget about this? ” ”gladly. ” the two continue to walk down the street but then ”oof watch it bud. ” James bumps into a man ”oh I sincerely apologise its very hard to walk without my guide dog. ” Frank snickers at James ”oh my God Im so sorry i-. ” ”its fine don worry mistakes happen. ” the blind man pats him on his shoulder.

the door creaks open ”hey Sammy whats up? ” Frank closes the door ”Sam? ” frank searches the apartment ”oh here you are had me worried oh and whos this fella? ” Frank spots Sam sitting on the bed ”oh hey Frank this Pete, Pete this is Frank. ” Pete stands up ”so this is the pyromaniac I heard of, its so nice to meet you. ” Pete holds his hand ” oh yeah its nice to meet you too. ” Pete hugs Frank.

”okay listen how would you and Sam like to come to watch me fight? ” Frank thinks about it then looks at Sam his face is filled with excitement ”sure yeah Id love to, where is it at? ” the two walk down the alley ”here it is my fight club and you two know the first rule of fight club. ” Pete steps into the ring ”rule one no cheating. ” Pete wraps bandages around his hands. ”IN THIS CORNER WE HAVE THE KNOCK OUT DEMON PETE DANIELS! ” the crowd cheers ”geez I guess Petes well-loved. ” a woman throws her shirt at Pete ”AND IN THIS CORNER THE BLIND BUTCHER SHIGECHI NAKAMURA! ” the announcer steps out of the ring ”wait a minute Ive seen that man before. ” shigi taps the floor with his foot letting him notice that Franks here.

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