Ding Dong,ls the sound of the anglican church bell.In the background is a building of two stories well furnished in the inside, and at the outside, you can see flowers with different colors which leads to the entrance of the building,you can tell its owned by a wealthy family.Raynell,this is the voice of raynell of maid calling on her to get up and get ready for school.Am awake came the voice of raynell.

Good morning Mrs rose,how are you my little madam,am fine fine thanks.Raynell is the first out of two children born to the family of the parker,she is sixteen years and average in height.She has a beautiful face and smiles, like that of cinderella, which can seduce the opposite sex. please go wash yourself and get dressed, breakfast is ready. Mrs rose please tell them to enjoy themselves,I will be joining them soon.

Mrs rose,why is raynell not here yet asked Mrs parker the mother of raynell.Mhm, actually, she woke up a little bit late today, then we have to wait for her till she arrives said Mr parker.No sir she said you guys should carry on that she won take long. Good morning mom and dad, greeted raynell, how are you doing our prescious jewel asked both parents.Am great. Please have your seat,so we can finish on time.How are you doing my little lad asked raynell to her brother, am fine senior sis replied henry. Henry is the junior brother of raynell.

Wow this food taste nice Mrs rose how did you make such a nice meal within thirty minutes, you really are a pro,and you would make a good chief,I would love to learn catering from you praised raynell.oh thank you, and it would be my pleasure to teach you how to make delicious dishes. Raynell please don talk while eating,you can get chocked said henry, thank you my little lad for your concern,and I would tarry my best to shut my mouth while eating.

Please be fast kids you guys are already late for school called out the driver,uncle john as the children normally call him.Good bye mom and dad, good bye Mrs rose the children said, goodbye our precious flowers,and please be careful in school,don get into a fight,and don get hurt,we copy that, and we would make sure we take care of ourselves.

Good morning uncle john they said,good morning my little friends,I hope you had a good sleep? he asked, yes uncle john, okay get into the car lets go,so we would not be late, okay uncle john they said and ran into the car. Oh look at the trees,the breeze,I can feel how cool the temperature of the wind is,and how the air are caressing my skin, and making it look amazing.Oh henry can you see how beautiful the work of nature is.

About twenty minutes later,the car drove to a very huge gate, and on the top is an inscription which says ”KNOWLEDGE IS POWER ”, and at the top was the name of the school ”FIRST CLASS COLLEGE ”, and the driver drove into the compound. The school has five stories with a name attached to each of the block,you could see students on uniforms walking around the corners of the school building.please drop the students at the parking lot ordered the security of the school. Good bye uncle john, good bye kids,take care of yourselves, and don get distracted when a teacher is teaching, and make sure you study hard, see you guys bye.

Five minutes silent walk between raynell and henry was disturbed by some age grades of raynell. Good morning raynell came the voice of three figures. This figures were friends of raynell (smar,eddie and vanessa).they had being her child hood Friends, and there friendship,has lasted for about twelve years. Good bye big sis, I am going to my classroom said henry, good bye my little lad, see you after school.

Raynell while laughing loudly with her friends,she barged into a young hand some guy two years older than her,and in the same class, but different block. He was so engrossed in his phone that he never saw her coming, and they both clashed which result to the boys phone having some cracks, due to the force it used in falling. Please am really sorry about the phone she apologized,theres no problem replied the boy who goes with the name robert.

When they got into the class,they saw other classmates chatting among themselves, they all greeted themselves.A minutes later, their class teacher came into the class, she is a young lady at her early thirties, fair,and has a brownish hair that is stretched, and flows to her shoulder. A minute later,she brought out the class register,and began calling their names one after the other in which the students answer present when their names is being called. When she was done calling the name, she began the lesson for the day,three hours later,the bell rang for their break period, and every one went to the school canteen to have their lunch.

Okay everyone,we would stop here.Please go have your lunch, and make sure you guys don cause trouble, also make sure you don litter the canteen while eating.Don forget to pray before eating,and make sure you all observe your table manners,as you have been taught,said the teacher. Okay Mrs rosella, answered the children.



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