Good morning Mr Brown raynell and her friends greeted the male chef in the canteen,who have been working in the school for over six years. Good morning,how have your studies been said Mr Brown, it went well they all replied. So what would you want to take as lunch, please I would like fish and chip said raynell, would prefer bangers and mash potatoes said vanessa what about the both of you the chef asked, I think cottage pie would be nice for me said eddi,am not hungry, so I would just take a chilled crush replied smart.please come in and take your order said the chef, ok we
e coming they all replied.

I would love to take a drink, do you guys care for one?said raynell, no we would prefer a bootle water, and please while coming, you have to be careful, so as not spill the drink on someones clothes,or even end up breaking the cup said eddi.

Please am sorry it was a mistake said raynell she has wasted her drink on someones canvass, and has also broken the cup while she was busy watching two lovers who we
e feeding themselves.

What are you getting at, or are you trying to mock me the boy said, no please don take it serious, it was just a mistake she tried not to show her fear,cause every one was staring at her, even her said I should not take it serious.wait were you not the one who ran into me the early hours of this morning, it was then she recognized who she was arguing with.

My name is Robert,and if I may ask whats yours,mine is raynell she said while giving him an angry look,and they both fell for each other at the spot, popularly known as love at first site.

Here is the water you asked for said raynell,thanks, let go into the class, the bell has been rang. Good afternoon Mrs lovely the students greeted as they came into the classroom, good afternoon,and how was your lunch she asked, our lunch was awesome they all said.

Few hours later the bell was range for school over. Good afternoon big sis greeted henry,how are you said raynell,and what kept you since ,actually am sorry for the delay,my class teacher asked me and other of my classmate to sweep the class, because we
e on duty explained henry,okay lets go uncle john is waiting for us.

Good afternoon uncle john greeted raynell and her brother,good afternoon,and how are you my friends the driver asked, we are fine they replied,thats good to hear,and what kept you guys for a long time said uncle john, Henry was told to sweep his classroom after school today replied raynell. Okay,get into the car lets go he said to them.

While going home,raynell was lost in taught about something, l wonder what she thinking that has taken all her attention,Oh my gosh, shes thinking about the guy with the name robert who she meet at the school canteen some hours ago, she taught of his hair, his smiles,his looks and how sexy and attractive he was, but does he have a girlfriend?,she taught inside of her.

The next day, raynell woke up before the anglican church bell rang,she got her self cleaned before the maid would reach to her door step,she applied some light make up on her face,and began gathering her books for the day.

Can I help you out,raynell said to the cook.The cook looked at raynell,and turned to see if theirs anyone else in the kitchen except from both of them, but she didn find anyone in the kitchen. Are you talking to me asked the cook,yes,l would like to help, so I can learn how to cook like you replied raynell,please go back to your room,and let me do my job,when am free, l promise that I would teach you, ok Mrs amber the chef told raynell,if you insist said raynell and went back to her room.

Break fast is ready called out the chef to the parkers family. Good morning dad and mom greeted raynell, they both replied by saying how are you doing, and how was your knight. You came out early before anyone, unlike the other days we would have to wait for you, and if am not mistaken you woke before any other person this morning, even the security said Mrs parker.

Yes your right ,l woke up before the anglican church bell rang,wow that nice,we hope you keep it up replied Mrs parker. What did you prepare for our break fast asked Mr parker to the chef,l prepared sausage and some chilled apple drinkfor break fast,okay thats a very delicious dishes,and also one of my favourite said Mr parker,and they all chuckled.

Good morning everyone, said henry, good morning, and what kept you so long,cause you woke up early this morning asked raynell,I was through before the chef called out that break fast was ready,but I was looking for my note book and my pen said Henry. Did you find them asked Mr parker, yes I found them lying under my bed.

Please lets start eating already, were late said Mrs parker, weve spent all our time talking and I forgot that I would be the taking them to school today said Mr parker. What of the driver,why won he be the one taking us to school today asked raynell,his not feeling well,so l took him to the hospital to take some treatment,and l hope he gets well sooner than we expected,replied Mr parker. Thats so nice of you dad said raynell.



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