Good bye dad, raynell and henry said to their father while he was leaving the school premises for work.Good bye kids have a nice day he replied. Its already six thirty, and yet this class unlike other days, is just like a graveyard,thought raynell as she went in to have her seat.

Who kept a letter on my seat? asked raynell to no one,or has this person made a mistake? I have no other option but to open the letter, to know if it was really a mistake or not,said raynell while opening the content of the letter.

This letter is actually not a mistake,it was meant for me. But who could have sent this kind of letter she said aloud to her self. The content of the letter was a surprise to me,the content says:

Dear raynell,after the day we encountered each other at the canteen,I have never been thesame.It has been over a month since I first met you,but I never knew I would fall for you in just one day of speaking face to face with you. Every day of my life, is filled with taught of you,in my dreams recently,i see both of us holding hands like lovers do ,and I would like to actualize that dream. All am trying to say, is that I love you, and I hope to get a reply. Thanks ,from robert.

She was so lost in taught of the letter given to her that she never noticed her friends at her back,not untill they tapped her,and she hid the letter. You
e hiding a letter that weve seen its content and also read it said eddi to raynell.

For how long have you guys been standing here she said,and I hope you guys didn read the letter she asked to no one in particular, weve been standing at your back for over twenty minutes,and if I can remember correctly I have read the letter for over three times,and it seems you were so lost by its content said Smart.

I have a qwestion for you,but that would be at the canteen,cause as far as my eyes can see and my thoughts can tell,you feel happy about the letter,and would not want any one to distract you,and be careful less anyone sees the letter, or your name would be the next name used to gossip in this class cautioned eddi. I would do as you said replied raynell.

Few minutes later, the class became filled up ,and the teacher started her morning class by taking attendance of the students present in class. Few hours later, the bell was rang for their break,and every one rushed to the canteen to have their lunch.

Smart called raynell,yes smart answered reluctantly. Remember you said you have a question for me in the canteen said raynell,yes thats true. I have longed to ask you if you love him,and would like to be his girlfriend said Smart.

Raynell who never expected such question kept quiet. If you don answer,I would shout it allowed,so every one would hear he threatened jokinly.Why would you want to do such a thing,have you forgotten that we are friends said raynell with a calm voice,then you have to answer my question said Smart.

Okay I love him and I would like to be his girlfriend, since thats what you want to a hear ,so are your satisfied ? asked raynell.Yes am satisfied said Smart.For how long have you been in love with him? asked eddi,since the day I poured drink on his canvass replied raynell.

As my friend,I would also like you guys to advice me on what to do said raynell. Theres no need for advice,since you love him,and your are sure he also feels the same for you, the only thing you need do right now,is to pick your pen and paper and write back to him in approval said vanessa childishly,you think its that easy as your saying replied raynell. Of course it is said vanessa in a defensive tone.

You don have to worry,I get the point your aiming at, its your first time to see it necessary to be in a relationship with the opposite sex, and like every other female,you don want him to see you as a school teenage girl of eighteen that is longing for the opposite sex,or even see you like a cheep cookies that you can get anytime you desire said Smart.Boy you get the point said raynell.

In my own view,I think every responsible girl would have to wait for the guy to make a formal approach and ask for the friendship in a verbal way,not using letters added smart.

Grim Grim, the bell rang.Weve spent our time discussing on relationship issue, and forgot that we came here to have our break,and the our time has elapsed without anything entering into our stomach said vanessa. Am sorry guys apologized raynell, theres no need to apologies, thats what friendship is all about said Smart.

Thanks for your opinion,said raynell.Also try to involve your parents into the issue,and bring their response back to us said vanessa, seriously said raynell.Of course you ought to bring a feed back of what their response is about the issue replied smart.

Whats the matter with you eddie, youve been guiet for a long time,and it looks like Youve been lost in taught, whats going on? a problem shared is a problem half solved.You can share your problem mostly with your friends,you can trust.We can be of help to solve the problem said vanessa.

Actually theres no problem said eddi.You say theres no problem,but we haven heard your voice quite a while said raynell. Remember our friendship rule number six that says we should not lie to ourselves,and also rule number twelve that says we should share our problems within ourselves, just as raynell did added smart.

Since you insist on hearing it, I would tell you,but you must promise not to make jest of me said eddi,and they all agreed to cooperate with his terms.

I have not contributed much on the issue, cause I was thinking of something that look funny,but serious.It is that something we would love to know said vanessa with an inpatient tone to eddi who is shy to say it,but latter gains courage as a man.

I have been thinking of how it felt falling in love with the opposite sex, and knowing that he or she also loves or have feeling for you said eddi feeling a little bit shy and childish at the same time.Don worry,one day you would find out how it feels said raynell,and they all laughed aloud.



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