Crim Crim was the sound of the school bell, indicating the end of the days lesson.Good bye raynell,we would be waiting tomorrow to hear what you
e parents would say said raynel friends who were already on their way home,good bye,we should all hope for the better replied raynells to her friends while smiling and waving uncontrollable to her friends,till they were out of sight.

Good afternoon came an unfamiliar voice,she turned to see who the owner of the voice might be,she could not hold herself,as the face she saw, made her fell a cold,and at the same time a hot sensation flowing through her body ,the shock forced her to stand still like a stature,finding it difficult to find her own words since she has lost them few seconds ago,she was forced to take in saliva reputedly into her stomach out of her own wish,I wish I could move the time anti clock wise to take me back to the past she found herself saying in a cold tone that can not be heard.

Go…od after…noon,she she manage to reply while srammaring.Ehm I apologies for taking you unaware,am Robert the one you spilled your drink on the other day said robert the owner of the voice,thats no problem,and I remember you well she finally found her voice ,how can I help you? she asked,I came to have your reply concerning the letter I gave you this morning said robert, I don understand you,and which letter are you talking about she pretended not to remember the letter that kept bright smiles on her face through out the day,and what is the content of the letter she asked.It seems she never took the letter serious he taught within seems his too shy to talk about how he feels for someone she taught.

Are you shy,please say something said raynel with a little smile.How can a guy like me be shy,came the voice of Robert,but it is all written on your face teased raynells. Actually,I wrote to you to express how I felt about you,and I would like you to be my girl said robert. I beg to take my leave,my dad is here said raynells,oh thats not a problem,I would also love to see your dad said robert.See my dad she exclaimed,and for what reason? she asked. I wish to say hi to him,or is that a problem? questioned robert,that not a problem lets go get my brother first hes waiting said raynell.

Good afternoon dad came the voice of raynell and henry,yeh my little flowers,how are you,and how was todays school asked Mr parker,we are fine,and todays school was awesome they replied. Dad I would like you to meet my new friend i made today,and his name is Robert said raynells. Good afternoon sir came the voice of Robert,good afternoon, and how are you doing? asked Mr parker,am fine thanks said robert.what type of friendship do you have with my daughter? asked Mr parker like most parents would. Sir actually,am raynells boyfriend said robert,the last world BOYFRIEND,kept a broad smile on raynells face. Have a nice day said Mr parker to Robert and drove off,thank you sir replied robert while waving to the moving vehicle like a child whos parents are going on a journey.

Good afternoon uncle john said raynel and henry few minutes after returning from school,good afternoon my little friends,how was school today he asked,school today was fun said henry, and how is your health?dad told us that you were sick,so we came to see how your doing,and to keep you company said raynells,wow thats nice of you guys said uncle john. Uncle john guess what said henry, what should I guess? he asked,sister raynell now have a boyfriend,and she also introduced him to dad ,hes so handsome,and he loves smiling, and I like him very much said henry,thats interesting,you are now a big girl teased uncle john, thats not it said raynell,then what is it,are you shy said henry,and they all laughed.

Okay kids,come inside its time to have your lunch said the chef,but we
e not hungry,we want to stay with uncle john a little,and we already had our lunch in school they replied.Kids you have to go inside or daddy would be angry with you guys, remember he said if you disobey the workers,he would punish you said uncle john okay bye uncle john,we would be back in the evening the children said,thats okay I would be waiting for you guys.

I am raynells boyfriend she recalled the insident that took place at high class college,how can he address himself as my boyfriend, when am yet to accept him, but it seems its no longer necessary to bring up the case to mom and dad,since dad already knows,and he didn complain about Robert being my boyfriend she taught within her.

Knock Knock was the sound coming from raynells door. Yes who is that she asked, its me your mom answered Mrs parker,please come in the door is open said raynells. Good evening mom raynells greeted,good evening my little flower,how are you doing asked Mrs parker,am fine thanks she replied. Your dad told me about your boyfriend that he meet in school today. Oh your talking about Robert said raynells,I don know his name yet,your father never mentioned his name,and I didn bother to ask him,but to come to talk to you like mother and daughter would.

You must really be in love with this guy the way you smile and make some suspicious movement while mentioning his name said Mrs parker,yes,if I could use the term missing bone and rib, hes my missing bone, and am his missing rib said raynel childishly. Did dad complain about Robert while you were both discussing asked raynells,he said he liked the guy she lied,wow thats good to hear said raynel. But I would like you to invite him over,so I can know him more,and also his family background said Mrs parker,that won be a problem replied raynells.



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